Top 10 Best Operating System For Hacking (2022 EDITION)

Top 10 Best Operating Systems for Hacking

Looking for the Top 10 best operating system for hacking, or interested in which operating system hackers prefer? We’ve got you covered. Then halt your activity! The most prevalent ethical hacking operating systems and digital forensics technologies are listed here. A security-focused operating system is a security analyst’s greatest friend. Almost all of the top ethical hacking operating systems for security experts are built on the Linux kernel.

The Meaning of the Word “Hacker” in the Eyes of a Hacker Some people call themselves hackers because they enjoy playing around with technological equipment or software. Ethical hackers want to know what changes they can make to the system to help it run better. Recently, the term “hacker” has taken on a new meaning. A hacker is a person who intentionally breaches a system to gain an advantage for themselves. These people are referred to as criminal hackers or crackers. Crackers infiltrate a system with the goal of causing damage. Because of their frequent manipulation and destruction of critical information, people are left feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

The term “hacker” has a negative connotation for ethical or white-hat hackers; hence they don’t enjoy being referred to as such. It is falsely claimed by some hackers that they are doing good deeds by breaking into the systems of their victims. Electronic theft is almost always the motivation behind these hackers.

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Do You Need to Break Into Your System?

Because the law of averages does not favour your safety, you must keep this in mind at all times. As the number of hackers and their skill set grow, so does the risk they pose to organizations. The more you know about the system, the more likely it is that every computer system will be hacked at some point. It’s critical to keep your computer safe from hackers. When it comes to security, this does not imply that you merely take into account the most common threats that people are aware of. Knowing how a hacker operates will allow you to assess the security of your own computer. In order to find security flaws and vulnerabilities, ethical hacking is a valuable tool. A false sense of security can be created by encryption, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and firewalls. Only traffic and viruses passing through a firewall are monitored by these systems. Crackers are unaffected by this. In order to secure your systems, you should attack them in the same way a hacker would. You can only do this if you want to make your system more secure. Weaknesses in the system will eventually be exposed if you don’t look for them right away. As a hacker, you should constantly be learning new things. If you want to keep them out of your system, you need to think like them. There are several things that an ethical hacker should be aware of in order to protect himself. To stop a cracker, you must first know what to look for and then exploit that information. Because you can’t secure your system from everything, you shouldn’t bother to do so. The only means by which you can keep your

Unplugging and locking the system in a cupboard ensures that no one can access it. This isn’t the best way to protect your data. There is no point in learning how to defend your computer from the most prevalent hacking assaults and other weaknesses. Despite the fact that certain hacker assaults are still unknown, you should nevertheless test your system. Instead of focusing on a single component, try a variety of setups and run the system as a whole. When you test your system as a whole, you’ll find more flaws. It’s important to remember not to overdo it with ethical hacking. You can enhance the safety of your system against intrusions by hacking into it. For example, an attack via the web is less of a concern if there aren’t many people working in the office and no internal web server. However, you should not ignore the possibility that one of your employees has evil intentions and could put the safety of your organization at risk. As an ethical hacker, you should aim to do the following:

  • Hack your systems in a non-destructive manner.
  • Determine the weak points and demonstrate to those in authority that they exist.
  • Systems have flaws that need to be addressed.
  • To increase security, apply the results and remove any weaknesses.

The following are our Top 10 Best Operating System for Hacking

1. The Linux Operating System Cyborg Hawk

Best Operating System for Hacking

In the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing, Cyborg Hawk Linux, an Ubuntu-based hacker’s distribution, is often referred to as a Pentesting Distro. Network security and evaluation are both possible applications for Cyborg Hawk Distro, which can also be used for digital forensics. Tools for testing mobile security and wireless infrastructure are also included.

However, it’s a solid start, and I hope that the devs continue to work on the OS optimization and driver stack in order to bring in some high-level security engineers.

A list of Cyborg Hawk Linux’s Features

Cyborg Linux features a large number of custom PPA repositories that are based on the Ubuntu subsystem.

The following are the features:

  • There are over 750 different penetration testing tools included in this package.
  • Cyborg Hawk is and always will be completely free.
  • Can be utilized as a fully functional operating system.
  • Obtaining information from many sources.
  • Assessment of Vulnerability
  • Taking advantage of what you have.
  • Elevation of Privileges
  • Ensuring Continued Access
  • Record-keeping and Reporting
  • Using a reverse engineering approach
  • This procedure is known as stress testing.
  • Forensic science
  • wifi Protected Access
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID/NFC)
  • Hacking into hardware
  • The Study of Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Mobile Detection and Response.
  • Virus and Malware Detection

2. Computer-Aided INvestigative Environment

Best Operating System for Hacking

For Computer-Aided INvestigative Environment, the abbreviation CAINE Linux is used. Founded in 2008, it is an Italian Linux live distribution that was originally intended for digital forensics. It makes use of both a traditional desktop environment and a set of high-end specialized tools.

CAINE (Computer Aided Investigative Environment?) is a full investigative environment that is arranged to combine existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical user interface. Currently, the project manager of CAINE Linux is Nanni Bassetti (Bari, Italy).

CAINE’s primary goals are to ensure the following:

In order to conduct digital forensic investigations such as preservation, collection, examination, and analysis, its operating system is set up to provide all the forensic tools needed to do so. There is a graphical user interface and forensic tools that are user-friendly in this program. In addition, it can be run in memory from removable media, such as a USB flash drive or an optical disk, Installing it on a physical or virtual machine is a piece of cake. When running in LIVE mode, CAINE is able to access data storage items without needing to start the operating system.

Listed here are some of the CAINE Linux’s built-in features:

  • An open-source digital forensics program called Autopsy is supported by:
  • File forensic investigation.
  • Filtering by hash value.
  • Email and web artifacts are examined.
  • Lookup by Keywords.
  • It’s just the Sleuth Kit’s graphical user interface in autopsy form.
  • File systems and disk partitions can be examined with the Sleuth Kit, an open-source command-line tool.
  • An interactive network traffic collection and non-real-time analysis of data packet capture (*.pcap) is supported by Wireshark, a digital forensics tool.
  • Using PhotoRec, you may recover files from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and even digital cameras.
  • File system statistics can be viewed with this program.
  • RegRipper is a Perl-based open-source utility for extracting and parsing Registry data, such as keys, values, and other data, for use in data analysis.
  • Open-source Tinfoleak: This is a tool for gathering and analyzing Twitter intelligence in detail.
  • Caja’s web browser is pre-loaded with scripts that facilitate the study of allocated files. Now, the scripts are able to extract EXIF data from text files for easy inspection of various databases and Internet histories. Using the Quick View tool, determining the file type and rendering it using the relevant tool is done automatically.
  • Additionally, the live preview Caja scripts allow for simple Access to administrative capabilities, such as making an associated device writeable, dropping to the command line, or establishing a Caja window with administrator credentials. File metadata and an investigator comment can be created by using the “Save as Evidence” script, which saves the selected files to a desktop “Evidence” folder.
  • “Identify iPod Owner” is one of the scripts provided in the toolkit. When an iPod is inserted and mounted, this script will display the device’s information (current username, device serial number, etc.). Apple iTunes user information, such as the user’s real name and email address, can be found in media purchased from the iTunes store, as well as in unallocated space.
  • The scripts for the live previews are still under development. Scripts can be improved, and new ones can be developed. Requests for new features, reports of bugs, and other feedback are all appreciated by the CAINE team.
  • Evidence extraction should be as straightforward as possible for investigators with even the most basic computer abilities, which is why the preview scripts were created. A computer forensics lab is not required to get basic evidence to support an inquiry, and the investigator does not need to be trained in advanced computer forensics. Device triage scripts and the rest of the CAINE toolset may be used by computer forensics labs, and a full forensic examination can be performed

3. Gentoo Linux

Best Operating System for Hacking

Gentoo is a Linux distribution using the Portage package manager, Gentoo Linux has been created. Source code, as opposed to precompiled binaries, can be customized for a user’s individual computer by the compiler on-site. Some larger packages or those for which no source code is available can be precompiled using precompiled binaries.

In honour of the gentoo penguin, Gentoo Linux was renamed Gentoo Penguin. A fundamental characteristic of Gentoo is machine-specific optimization, which is reflected in the name of the operating system. A modular, portable, easy-to-maintain, and adaptable Gentoo package management system is the goal. As a meta-distribution, Gentoo is able to accommodate a wide range of configurations and sets of installed programs that are tailored to the user’s needs.

Best Operating System for Hacking

Gentoo Linux has a number of unique features.

  • The splash screen, console, and CLI are all eye-catching.
  • A completely automated process for installing software
  • They are effortlessly resolving and meeting obligations.
  • Obtaining, patching, building, and installing sources automatically
  • It’s a breeze to maintain.
  • set of the packages “system” and “world.”
  • one command can maintain the entire ‘world’ up to date
  • Version-free, frictionless software upgrade
  • Almost all operating systems and architectures are supported.
  • amd64, alpha, hppa, ia64, mips, PPC, ppc64(cell), s390, sh4, and MIPS
  • x86 and sparc64
  • The other Linux distros, such as Mac OS X (Solaris), FreeBSD (AIX), Interix
  • We are setting up file encryption and merging files automatically.
  • Compiling from a source has several advantages over other methods.
  • Your personal computer’s performance is prioritized.
  • DIY as soon as the latest software release is available.
  • Ebuilds (CVS/svn/git…) are available even if they haven’t been released yet.
  • Handling numerous versions and implementations
  • peacefully coexist with each other
  • switch-on-the-fly
  • Slots and virtual packages are two examples of mechanisms.
  • GCC Configuration, Binutils Configuration, and Java Configuration
  • support for binary packages
  • Format for native binary packages, namely tgz
  • Repository for binary packages
  • RPM, deb, and other binary package formats are supported.
  • Mozilla-firefox-bin and OpenOffice-bin are the upstream binary packages.
  • CFLAGS and LDFLAGS can be customized.
  • SET USE flags (more on that later)
  • The FEATURES variable allows you to select from a variety of additional options.
  • a safeguard for the operating system
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES include a sandbox, collision-protect, and protect-owned.
  • Speeding up the compilation
  • Disc and cache
  • Trimming the system
  • EXISTING FEATURES: none of the above
  • Emerge with the option to set the jobs to JOBS.

4. Deft Linux Operating System

Best Operating System for Hacking

Using the LXDE “desktop environment”66 (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment), the DEFT Linux GUI was chosen because it is one of the lightest and most efficient GUIs in the Linux world.

When using tools like Digital Forensic Framework (DFF)67 or Catfish, neither of which were designed for command-line use, the graphics mode is required.

With the release of version 6, DEFT Linux has been able to natively integrate and simulate Windows apps, for which there is no comparable Linux equivalent.

DEFT Linux’s graphical user interface can be started by typing deft-gui.

Desktop items include the following:

  • For the collection of evidence
  • Installing DEFT Linux is a simple process.
  • The Arrival Area
  • The Apps Menu.

File Management System

  • Language Editor for the Keyboard
  • Button to Show Desktop
  • A person who likes to switch between different work environments.
  • Auxiliary Control Device for Audio
  • Administrators of computer networks
  • time of day and day of the week
  • Manager of time zones
  • Restart/shutdown button for the computer
  • The following submenus can be found in the Applications menu:
  • Xpad, Leafpad, LXTerminal, TrueCrypt, and Archive Manager are just a few of the many apps available.
  • Digital Evidence Forensics Technology (DEFT) includes a wide range of investigative and reporting tools to assist in the investigation of cybercrime and other digital crimes.
  • Disk Utility, File Manager, GParted, Midnight Commander, Mount ewf, MountManager, Wipe, and X-mount are included in this list.
  • Graphics: Viewer for documents.
  • Firefox and Sun Java 6 Web start are available on the Internet.
  • The following services can be started or stopped at any time: apache, MySQL, samba, ssh, xplico, and ssh.
  • Audacious, Desktop Recorder, VLC media player, and Xfburn for audio and video playback.
  • Synaptic package manager, System Profiler and Benchmark and Task Manager are just some of the system tools that are included in the Gdebi installer.
  • Desktop session settings, Disk Utility, Keyboard and Mouse, language support, Lxkeymap, Monitor settings, and Network connections are just a few of the options available to customize the look of the desktop. Other options include preferred applications, Sun Java 6 Plugin Control Panel, and Sun Java Policy Tool.

5. Bug Traq 2 (Web Application Spider – BlackWidow)

The success of a penetration test or bug bounty hunt depends heavily on gathering relevant information about the target domain. BlackWidow is a great tool for obtaining information such as subdomains, unique URLs, URLs with parameters, and email addresses of the target domain.

The Python-based BlackWidow tool is a web-based application spider that collects a large amount of data. This program uses the Inject-X fuzzer to scan Dynamic URLs for popular OWASP vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection. The BlackWidow tool can be used during the Information Gathering phase of a web-based application vulnerability assessment. The Inject-X fuzzer can identify XSS, SWL Injection, HTML code injection, and other flaws.

BlackWidow Tool Features

  • Subdomains, dynamic URLs, emails, and phone numbers are all collected by this tool.
  • Vulnerabilities are discovered by the usage of an Inject-X fuzzer.
  • It has the ability to store the findings in sorted text files.
  • Python is the programming language of choice for this project.
  • It’s free to use and open-source.

6. BackBox Operating System

Comprehensive data recovery and catastrophe recovery plan are provided by BackBox through the use of intelligent automation. Backups of your network’s workstations, folders, and files are scheduled automatically by the data recovery program. A virus, hacker, or technical issue can be readily remedied by restoring the most current version of your work with this tool. BackBox can be installed on-site on Windows computers.

BackBox backup automation is used by many enterprises and organizations to archive their important data. IT, finance, software development, retail and hospitality, manufacturing, and media production are just a few of the industries in which users originate from

Best Operating System for Hacking

Features of BackBox

  • In-Box Options It is possible to schedule the software to conduct automatic operations in order to increase productivity. Configuration options include scheduling backups, pushing permissions to a wide range of devices, and applying security controls. When you use Backbox, you don’t have to spend time configuring backups.
  • Single-click recovery: If data must be restored, you simply click your mouse, and the software begins loading the most recent saved version. A step-by-step tutorial is provided in the event that you need to make a manual recovery of your device.
  • Device security: Using MD5 checksum technology, any extra devices connected to your network are thoroughly inspected. Prior to granting Access, it ensures that the device is safe and secure.
  • Endpoint device protection is made easier using an identity and access management module provided by the vendor. Using this method, distant devices can connect to BackBox without the need for any additional software. To begin backing up all of your external devices, simply open a port on your computer. Identity and access management module can be purchased for an additional charge.

7. Anonym Operating System

Best Operating System for Hacking

It was built on OpenBSD 3.8 and included strong encryption and anonymization facilities as a Live CD operating system. The project’s purpose was to make accessing the web more secure and anonymous for the general public. OpenBSD 3.8 was used as the base operating system, but a slew of additional packages was installed to make things easier. Fluxbox was the window manager of choice.

This is the program that controls the hardware of the gadget. To run software on a computer, the operating system must be installed. Interfaces for sending and receiving commands and feedback are usually part of the operating system as well. That’s how Windows began, in fact. As an MS-DOS fronted graphical application. Microsoft’s Disk Operating System (OS).

Best Operating System for Hacking

Features of Anonym Operating System

  • Its privacy and anonymity-focused features are just the beginning. A privacy-invading element has been removed or disabled as a result. Privacy flaws have been patched, and tools for enhanced privacy have been added to the software.
  • What an OS does with private information is the second factor that makes it so anonymous. In general, no personal information is stored in a private operating system. In order to run a browser or other software applications, it will only accomplish the bare minimum.

8. Blackarch Linux

Best Operating System for Hacking

Penetration testers and security researchers can use Blackarch Linux, an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution. Over 1800 tools are available in Blackarch’s tool library, and new ones are uploaded periodically.

For penetration testing, the BlackArch is a free, open-source Arch Linux distribution. Those that are interested in cyber security and penetration testing utilize it to access a wide range of cyber security resources.

It’s designed with penetration testers and security researchers in mind. Among these folks, the distribution is extremely well-known BlackArch’s repository has about a quarter of a million resources. It’s up to the user whether or not they want to install them individually or in groups. The BlackArch Linux distribution is compatible with current Arch Linux installations and delivers a strong and efficient environment.

Best Operating System for Hacking

Here are some of the Blackarch features:

  • Multiple window managers can be installed on a single live CD
  • Allowing people to focus on their work without interruptions, Blackarch keeps itself out of the way. In addition to dwm, Fluxbox, Openbox, and a host of others, the live ISO includes i3, wmii, and Spectrum’s desktop environments.
  • Multiple architectures are supported.
  • In 2014, only i686 and x86 64 based architectures were supported. Armv6h and Armv7h support were introduced in under three months, with over 600 tools.
  • Build-from-source software installer
  • Instead of obtaining the prebuilt package from a repository, this will download and compile the source code. This is not advised for beginners. Unlike Gentoo, Blackman does not have as many features as emerge.
  • More than 1,800 tools
  • For i686 and x86 64, Blackarch has more than 1800 tools; for ARM, it has more than 1000. Given that the project began with around 600 tools available to consumers, this is extremely significant. The tools are broken down into more than 40 categories. One such group is –blackarch-antiforensic. This package contains tools for thwarting the use of traditional forensic methods like encryption and steganography by altering the files’ properties.
  • Automated tool or workflow utilization is the focus of black arch-automation.
  • Decompiler for Blackarch
  • Packages that try to decompile a compiled application into its source code.
  • Defensive Blackarch packages are used to safeguard a user from malware and other assaults.
  • Packages that utilize Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on the BlackArch system.
  • A collection of tools for manipulating mobile platforms is called Blackarch-mobile.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) networking is the focus of the Blackarch-networking package.
  •  Do it one by one or in a group.
  • The modular package feature of Blackarch allows you to install tools individually or in groups. Pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch | cut -d” -f2 | sort -u
  • Run – Pacman -S black arch – category >> to add a new category of tools.

9. Parrot Security Operating System

Best Operating System for Hacking

Researchers and developers interested in computer security and privacy would appreciate Parrot Security OS, an open-source and completely free GNU/LINUX system. It is based on Debian Testing and comes pre-installed with MATE as its primary desktop environment.

I2P, Anonsurf, and Zulu Crypt are some of the pre-installed tools for developers, security researchers, and privacy-conscious users on this modified version of Debian. It can be used in a virtual or dockerized environment with other operating systems.

In “Forensics Mode,” it doesn’t mount any of the host system’s hard disks or partitions and has no effect on the system. This is a useful feature for forensic investigations. In this mode, forensics can be performed on the host system.

Best Operating System for Hacking

Features of Parrot Operating System

Privacy and safety are two important considerations.

Even Kali Linux, one of the most popular Linux distributions, lacks pre-installed anonymity software like Tor Browser, Anonsurf, Tor Chat, and I2P. Using Parrot Security OS, you can remain anonymous both on your local network and online. macchanger, for example, can be used to regularly alter your PC’s MAC address. Anonymous surfing is possible thanks to the Tor network or Anonsurf. “No Script” in Firefox on Parrot OS stops JavaScript from running on your computer, which protects you safe from Cryptojacking attacks and dangerous scripts that monitor your activity.


If you want to keep your data safe from hackers, you can use the encryption tools provided by Parrot Security to encrypt files, folders, and even entire drives. Examples of tools that support both symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms include TrueCrypt and Zulu Mount GPA. Sending an encrypted message or file to a recipient will keep them from reading it.

Programming and Development

In addition to Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing tools, Parrot Security OS contains a wide variety of powerful language compilers, interpreters, and IDEs. Parrot Security OS has a programming environment for Arduino and other programming languages.


Because MATE is the primary desktop environment for Parrot Security OS, it is lighter than Kali Linux, which utilizes GNOME. In comparison to GNOME, Parrot Security OS only requires 256-320 Mbs of RAM when running in the MATE desktop environment. When running on older computers with low resources, it performs better. Since it uses fewer resources in virtual environments, it’s a good fit for those contexts.


A restricted and secure environment is provided by Parrot OS for better security. As a result, it is more secure than Kali Linux, which has root access by default.

spying on computer hardware

This operating system also includes hardware programming and hacking utilities. Among these are the Arduino IDE, GNU Radio, Kayak, and other radio sniffing tools. When it comes to hacking into automobiles, kayak is one of the most useful and intriguing devices that you’ll come across. There are hacking tools for other types of wireless communication, as well as for wifi.

Simple to use

According to reports, Parrot OS is more user-friendly than Black Arch Linux or Kali Linux. LibreOffice and other general-purpose applications are pre-installed, making it a breeze to get started.

10. Kali Linux OS

Best Operating System for Hacking

It was previously known as BackTrack Linux, but Kali Linux is a Linux-based operating system designed for advanced penetration testing and security auditing. Security research, penetration testing, and computer forensics are just a few of the activities that Kali Linux can perform.

For information security pros and hobbyists alike, it’s a free and easy-to-use solution. Kali’s desktop is built on top of Debian, which has long been known for its dependability and security.

Best Operating System for Hacking

Features of Kali Linux

ARMEL and ARMHF support

We recognize that Kali’s ARM support must be as robust as possible, with fully working installs for both ARMEL and ARMHF platforms, due to the increasing prevalence and low cost of ARM-based single-board devices such as the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.

There are ARM repositories included in the mainstream version of Kali Linux that allows the distribution to be upgraded using ARM utilities.

Several languages are supported.

However, even though penetration tools are written in English, we have made sure that Kali has real multilingual support so that more people can operate in their native language and find the tools they need.

Customized Kali ISOs are possible.

Customizing Kali is always a breeze thanks to metapackages tailored to the needs of security professionals and an easy-to-use ISO customization process. To customize and edit our Kali Linux ISO images with ease, we use Kali Linux’s live-build feature.

Boot from a USB flash drive

Installing Kali on a USB drive and booting it without affecting the host operating system is possible thanks to this technique (ideal for forensics work). When Kali starts up, we can choose which file system it will utilize, allowing data to be saved and numerous profiles to be created. We provide the LUKS nuke option, which allows us to regulate data destruction quickly and encrypt every persistent disk, which is a must in our company.

Kali NetHunter.

Kali is installed on our smartphone (running Android). In addition to the NetHunter App and the NetHunter App Store, there is an overlay for a number of other devices. / The “Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience (KeX)” and the “Chroot and Containers” can also be used to boot into a “full desktop.”

Tools for Penetration Testing Already Installed (over 600)

In addition to more than 600 useful tools, Kali Linux includes Crunch, Aircrak-ng, Wireshark, and Nmap, among others. After analyzing all of the tools in BackTrack, Kali found that many of them either didn’t work or were duplicates of other tools that provided similar functionality.

Produced in a Secure Setting

When it comes to contributing packages and communicating with repositories, only a tiny set of people are permitted Access to the Kali Linux team.

Wireless Devices from a Variety of Manufacturers

Linux distributions have been plagued by issues with wireless connectivity. As many wireless devices as possible are supported by Kali Linux, allowing it to run on a variety of hardware and connect to a variety of USB and wireless devices.

Software that can be relied upon

There are many people who want to know that the source code of a security distribution can be inspected by anyone. In order to maintain the highest level of security and transparency, Kali Linux is built by a small team of professional engineers using best practices, such as uploading signed source packages generated by a dedicated build daemon. The integrity of the packages is then checked before they are made available in a signed repository.

The Git repositories for Kali’s source package packaging can be used to examine the packages’ development in detail (comprising signed tags). You may also see how each Kali package has grown over time by using the Kali package tracker tool.


It is critical that we avoid doing anything that could potentially affect the data on the system we are investigating during forensic examination. On the other hand, modern desktop environments frequently obstruct this goal by automatically mounting any disks they discover. All of these functions can be disabled from the boot menu in Kali Linux, which offers a forensic mode.


The following under listed above are well-detailed explanations of the top best-operating systems essential for hacking and penetration, However, in the comment box below I will like to know the most preferred Hacking operating system you have used.

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