How To Connect Airpods To Laptop Windows 11 (Easy Step By Step Guide)

How to connect AirPods to laptop Window 11 (Step by Step Guide)

As a Windows 11 user, you may be wondering how to connect AirPods to laptop running Windows 11. With that said, Airpods can be used on a wide range of gadgets, including iPhones. They operate in the same manner as other Bluetooth devices, to put it simply. To use them with Windows 10, iPhone, PC, or laptop, merely pair and connect them. If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to connect AirPods to laptop running windows 11, we’ve outlined the process in a few simple steps.

Apple Inc.’s AirPods are a pair of in-ear, wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They were unveiled on the same day as the iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016. Within a year, they had surpassed all other Apple accessories in popularity. Their entry-level wireless headphones are sold alongside the AirPods Pro and Max, also by Apple.

They can play audio, but they’re also equipped with a microphone that reduces background noise and sensors that can detect taps or pinches (like double-tapping or pinching to pause audio). They can also see when the AirPods are inside your ears, so audio automatically stops when you remove them.

On March 20, 2019, it was released that Apple’s second-generation AirPods, which include the H1 chip and hands-free “Hey Siri” support, went on sale. A wireless charging case with an additional fee has been included.

This year, on October 26, Apple will release its third-generation AirPods with shorter stems similar to the AirPods Pro, spatial audio, water resistance to IPX4, longer battery life, and MagSafe charging capabilities.

June 24, 2021, marked the latest major release of Microsoft’s NT operating system, Windows 11, a successor to Windows 10, released in 2015. On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 was made available to the general public as a free upgrade via Windows Update and the Windows 11 Installation Assistant on Windows 10 devices.

With Windows 11, you can create tiled sets of windows that can be minimized and restored from the taskbar as a group and use new gaming technologies such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage inherited from Xbox Series X and Series S on compatible hardware. The canceled Windows 10X version influenced these changes. As with its predecessor, Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer as the default web browser, and Microsoft Teams has been integrated into the operating system’s shell. Windows 11 will also be able to run Android apps and allow for more flexibility in software distribution through the Microsoft Store (including a partnership with Amazon to make its app store available for the function).

Windows 11’s system requirements have been increased because of security concerns compared to Windows 10. Suppose a device has an eighth-generation Intel Core CPU or newer AMD Ryzen CPU based on Zen+ microarchitecture, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 system-on-chip, or more recent (with some exceptions). In that case, Microsoft officially supports the operating system. UEFI secure boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 are supported and enabled (although Microsoft may provide exceptions to the TPM 2.0 requirement for OEMs). It is possible to install the OS, but Microsoft does not guarantee that updates will be made available. Microsoft no longer supports 32-bit x86 CPUs and devices that use BIOS firmware in Windows 11.

Most reviews of Windows 11 are generally positive. Still, some concerns have been raised about its stricter hardware requirements, such as whether they were meant to improve security or simply an attempt to upsell users on newer devices and concerns about the increased amount of electronic waste generated by the changes. Aside from criticism for UI regressions and changes, Windows 11 received mostly positive reviews for its visual design and window management enhancements and its increased security focus. Windows 11 will be installed on 7.88 percent of Windows PCs as of February 2022.

How To Connect Airpods To Laptop Windows 11

connect AirPods to laptop

To get started we have to make sure that the Bluetooth setting is enabled or turned on and how we know that is we go to the menu where we have three icon; airplane mode, speaker, and battery then we left-click

connect AirPods to laptop

Then we click on the Bluetooth device icon which will now take us to the Bluetooth settings

connect AirPods to laptop

Then click on Add a device

connect AirPods to laptop

Here we have three different options on what we want to connect to the computer so we have mice, keyboards. Pens, audio devices, controllers, and more. wireless display or dock

connect AirPods to laptop

Click on the Bluetooth but then you have to first open up our Airpod case until we see the green button or green light at the front of the case and then at the bottom and at the bottom the back of the case there’s a little button we’re going to hold that until we see a white and green button or a white light flashing that is sending the connection right now

Then we left-click on the add a device and then we just got to wait for it to come up

connect AirPods to laptop

Successful!!! Your Device is Ready to go

connect AirPods to laptop

Troubleshooting Methods for Laptops and Airpods

Troubleshooting the connection between your laptop and Airpods can be done using the following methods:

  • Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer if you’re having trouble connecting your AirPods to your laptop.
  • To see if it helps, you can charge your AirPods for a few minutes while pressing and holding the setup button.
  • You may need to make sure that your AirPods are close to your computer to appear as a Bluetooth device on your computer.
  • Try using a 3.5mm headphone jack and adapter if your AirPods aren’t working with your Windows laptop.
  • Try using a USB adapter if you still can’t connect your AirPods to your laptop.
  • You may be able to connect your AirPods to your Windows 11 laptop using these instructions.

Airpods and Windows 11 Laptops: A Quick Guide

Are you using your AirPods with a Windows laptop? Here are a few pointers.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows laptop if you plan to use your AirPods.
  • Try charging your AirPods for a few minutes if you’re having trouble connecting them to your laptop.
  • Try connecting your AirPods to your laptop using the 3.5mm headphone jack and adapter if you’re still having issues.
  • Before connecting any additional devices, make sure that your AirPods are paired with the primary device.
  • You can use the AirPods charging case when charging your iPhone or iPad. Put your AirPods in the charging case and connect the other end to a power source using the Lightning to USB Cable included with your purchase.


Hopefully, these methods will help you figure out how to connect your AirPods to laptop running Windows 11. Leave a comment below if you have any further questions. You’re welcome.

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