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Cookie Editor Add on for mobile browser

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit. They help websites remember your preferences so that they can provide you with a better experience the next time you visit. Some cookies are simple, while others are used to track your browsing activity.

But whatever kind of cookie a website uses, you can usually edit or delete them using your browser’s extensions. In this article, we’ll show you how to install and download Cookie Editor add on for Mozilla Firefox Extension, which lets you manage cookies on websites as you browse.

If you’re looking to manage your cookies better, then you should download Cookie Editor Add On for Mozilla Firefox Extension. It’s easy to use and helps you control all your cookies in one place.

A free, capable, and simple-to-use cookie editor for web browsers is called Cookie Editor. You may control cookies stored in your browser more effectively with the use of a Cookie Editor.

Yes, Cookie Editor may be used by both novice and experienced webmasters and developers due to its user-friendly interface. One of the best cookie managers available is Cookie Editor, which is currently supported on the following desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

With the “Cookie Editor” plugin, all cookies connected to the current page can be read and modified via a toolbar popup. The extension collects all of the hostnames found in the top frame and all of its child frames before retrieving all of the cookies associated with those hostnames.

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These cookies are categorized into several lists. You may inspect cookies and their values, change each cookie, or even delete them. Select the cookie and look in the editor area to see all cookie-related properties.

Along with the typical features found in other cookie editors, such as adding, deleting, editing, etc., the Cookie Editor extension also enables you to specify a whitelist of cookies that you want to keep, allowing you to maintain your session on a number of websites you frequently visit or maintain a website’s settings.

Additionally, Cookie Editor’s Extra Pro Feature enables you to design your own encrypted cookie sets, save multiple users’ log-in cookies, and quickly switch between accounts. Additionally, you can quickly import a cookie set from an encrypted password protected file and export your cookie set to an encrypted password protected file (AES-Advanced Encryption Standard).

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Cookie Editor Features

Cross-Platform Operating systems supported by Cookie Editor include Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP/Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and Chrome OS.

You can simply manage all cookies in one location with the help of a visual cookie editor that features a graphic tree-type view of cookies.

Characteristics in common Add a new cookie. -Change the cookie’s properties. -Dispose of a cookie -Immediately delete all cookies.

Whitelisting the possibility of creating a whitelist of cookies you want to keep Features: Similar to before, Delete all cookies, excluding those that have been whitelisted; add or delete a cookie from the whitelist with a single click.

Secure Storage. The password-protected Encrypted Storage is an added functionality. The ability to generate your own unique cookie settings and save them to encrypted storage that requires a password; One mouse click can backup or restore a cookie; AES encryption can be used to encrypt and export your cookie set to a password-protected file. Import a cookie set from a password-protected encrypted file.

Download Cookie Editor Add On For Mozilla Firefox Extension

Follow the below steps to add the extension to your browser

Go to FIREFOX WEBSTORE and search for cookie editor or click on this link COOKIES EDITOR FOR MOZILLA FIREFOX DOWNLOAD LINK

Click on “Add to Firefox” The extension will be installed on your browser

download Cookie Editor extension for Mozilla Firefox Extension

The Cookie Editor Mozilla Firefox Extension has now been added to our browser, the extension is installed and is accessible from the browser’s top right corner.

download Cookie Editor extension for Mozilla Firefox Extension

Click the Cookies Editor Extension in the top right corner of your browser after viewing the target page

download Cookie Editor extension for Mozilla Firefox Extension

You have four choices here (Add, Delete All, Import, and Export). To erase all the cookies, choose the Delete All option

Once more, select the extension, and then select the Insert menu item.

Place cookies in the provided box, then click “Insert” one more time.

Simply refresh the page after that to log in.

Keep in mind that if you log out of your account after logging in, your cookies will expire and you won’t be able to log in with the same credentials again.

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If you don’t want to use this account, just remove your cookies, and you will be logged out immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is and how does the “Cookie Editor” addon function?

Because this extension lacks a persistent background script, it has no impact on the speed of your browser while it is not in use (if your browser supports the non-persistent background type). The plugin injects a single-line script into each page and all of its subframes as soon as the toolbar button is touched in order to collect all the origins that are present on the current page. The extension then requests all related cookies from your browser for each origin, regardless of whether the JavaScript engine can access them. The panel will load with all the information after the cookies are prepared. The popup typically completes all of these tasks in a second or two. You can browse all the cookies by clicking on each origin once the data is available. The currently selected cookie will be filled out in the editor, allowing you to change various cookie-related properties.

Suggested “Spoof Geolocation” Firefox, Edge, and Chrome add-on

The GEO location that your browser reports is changed by this plugin. To increase privacy or obtain localized data from a specific place, you can offer your unique latitude and longitude to any website. In order to maintain a constant IP address with the GEO data, this addon is especially helpful if your browser uses a SOCKS proxy. Read more here.

What does each item in the editor’s section mean?

Name: the exact cookie nameCookie value: the exact cookie value

Path: This is helpful for restricting cookie access to the designated path exclusively (not all pages in the same domain will have access to this cookie). Use the value “/” to ignore this option.

Expiration date: Choosing this option will inform your browser of the cookie’s intended expiration date. Unless the cookie is set exclusively for the current session, in which case it becomes invalid when the browser is closed, this option must be selected.

HttpOnly: if selected, JavaScript won’t be able to access this cookie.

HostOnly: if the HostOnly flag is set to true and the cookie’s domain matches the canonicalized request-host. if it is false and the domain of the cookie matches that of the canonicalized request-host domain.

Secure: If this checkbox is selected, your browser won’t send cookies in clear text.

How do I change just one cookie?

All of the cookie’s properties will be displayed in the editor area after you have just selected it. Press the save button after making the necessary edits. Use the “Reset” button to start over if necessary. This button will read the settings from the stored cookie again while ignoring the existing values.

What has this version changed?

Please check the logs section.

How do I remove cookies?

Select just one cookie and click the “Remove” button, exactly like in the editing section. Keep in mind that deleting a cookie cannot be undone. You can nonetheless make a new cookie with the exact same name and value. Use the checkbox next to each cookie to choose more than one, then click “Delete” to remove them all from the system.

Can I import or export cookies with this extension?

Select the cookies you want to export in the editor (popup interface). The toolbar area has the “Export” button. To export cookies in JSON format, click this button (the file will be located in the default download directory of your browser). Pressing the Shift key while exporting will create the text version of the cookies that are compatible with Wget or Curl command-line utilities if you need to use these cookies with these programs. To import this JSON file, use the extension’s settings page. From the popup interface, you can import these cookies as of version 0.1.4. To import cookies for a specific domain, hold down the Shift key as you click the “New/Import” button in the domain section. It should be noted that the import button only imports cookies to a single domain, and any new cookie entries must be manually saved by selecting the cookie and selecting the “Save” option. Importing a few domain-specific cookies is useful. Use the settings page if you want to import cookies for various domains. The popup interface supports both the TEXT and JSON formats, but the settings page only takes the exported JSON format.

Is it possible to look up cookies without visiting the destination URL?

Yes, you may open the search box by selecting it from the context menu when you right-click the toolbar button. Press the Enter key after entering the domain. A new browser tab will pop up with cookies related to the search query in the Cookie Editor.