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Brilliant A platform for online learning which concentrates on STEM-related subjects. All of its more than 60 courses on STEM subjects provide an interactive learning environment.

Sue Khim started Brilliant in 2012, and in the past decade, it has grown to have 4 million users. Award-winning educators, researchers, and industry experts from MIT, Duke, Microsoft, and Google make up its staff of course developers. Its courses are built around experiential learning, which keeps the learning process interesting and enjoyable.

Students, professionals, and lifelong learners can all profit from this distinctive learning experience thanks to Brilliant. It’s a platform that the majority of us can benefit from, whether we’re trying to keep our minds sharp or grasp concepts through problem-solving.

With its emphasis on STEM subjects, you can acquire these crucial skills in a new way that you might not have previously found enjoyable. In my own case, math and science weren’t exactly my favourite subjects in high school, but now that I’ve finished some of Brilliant’s guided activities, I’ve developed a new appreciation for them and even enjoyed tackling some of the problems they present. It has genuinely transformed subjects that were formerly feared into fun, guided exploration experiences.

It’s worth mentioning right away that if you are looking for a broader range of topics and are already aware that you are not interested in STEM courses, it would be best to look into alternatives like Coursera, Udacity, or Datacamp, which place a greater emphasis on achieving educational objectives and advancing your career.

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Table of Contents


Students that are self-starters and quickly pick up on new ideas will do best in Brilliant. In order to encourage at-home practice, you may give Brilliant tasks. You might also give top achievers the task of solving problems for extra credit. Additionally, you might encourage students to research subjects that they are unable to discuss in class. But because there are fewer practice problems, students who require a lot of repetition might want additional outside material. Encourage your pupils to visit the handy built-in wiki, which provides explanations and a few examples for concepts like the Law of Cosines, Bubble Sort, and Uniform Circular Motion.

Access to interactive lessons, solutions to problems, and some classroom features, such as the ability to create classes and assign material, are all available with the free Education plan. Students may enrol in as many as eight classes at once, each with a maximum of 50 students. Teachers have access to the Daily Challenges archive for each class and can select up to six courses at once.

Interactive: The learner must actively participate in and engage in its interactive, hands-on courses.

Trial Offer: The premium plan is available to all new users for a free seven-day trial.

Beginner Friendly: Brilliant has developed a number of beginner-friendly courses to teach the fundamentals. The next level up offers intermediate and advanced courses.

Explanatory: All of the self-paced, self-directed courses on allow you to work through the guided exercises on your own time.

Mobile Application: You can download up to 6 courses at once through its mobile app for offline usage, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you like.


Limited Topics: There are a few topics. Given that Brilliant exclusively offers STEM courses, it makes sense to check out Coursera or Skillshare if you’re looking for something different.

Subscription: You must sign up for a monthly or yearly membership; there is no one-time payment option.

No Certificate on Completion: no completion certificates are included with Brilliant’s courses, and there is no focus on professional growth. If you’re interested in learning more, you should check out Datacamp or Udacity.

Whom Is Brilliant for?

Although it’s difficult to say, Brilliant claims that its courses are appropriate for students between the ages of 10 and 110. If you enjoy overcoming obstacles and solving problems through interactive and hands-on learning, Brilliant might be the right platform for you.

Students, professionals, and lifetime learners may all learn from Brilliant. The majority of us can make use of it, whether we’re looking to keep our minds active or are seeking to learn subjects through problem-solving.

Its focus on STEM subjects offers a novel way to learn these important skills, which you might not have previously found fun. Math and science were not my favourite subjects in high school, but after completing some of Brilliant’s guided activities, I have a renewed interest in them and have even enjoyed some of the problem-solving. It has effectively turned formerly hated subjects into a guided exploration experience.

It’s crucial to note right away that if you already know you don’t want to take STEM classes and would rather learn about a wider range of subjects, you should consider alternatives like Coursera, Udacity, or Datacamp, which are more concerned with helping you achieve your educational objectives and advance your career.

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Brilliant for Educators

Brilliant offers free learning materials for instructors and other professionals, in addition to students. You’ll get access to interactive exercises, activities for solving problems, teaching resources, and more.

Simply complete the signup form and prerequisite survey to request an Education account. Once accepted, you have the option of selecting up to six courses and taking part in an unlimited number of daily challenges. Once they accept, you can ask them to join you on the Brilliant platform.

To apply, you must be a certified classroom teacher who can prove your level of education. For two years, the educator account will remain operational.

How Much Are Brilliant Courses Worth? offers both free and premium options. The Today page, which showcases a selection of daily online courses and gives you the option to sync your progress between the web and mobile app, is the extent of the free account.

On the other hand, the Premium experience offers three different subscription plans, all of which include unlimited access to the 60+ courses, as well as guided courses and offline mode for mobile apps. Three methods of payment are available for the Premium plan:

$24.9 a month,

$149.85 annually, which works out to $12.49 per month.

For groups of three or more, pay $299.89 annually.

Free Brilliant Premium Account 2022 [Cookies Hourly Updated 100% Working]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Brilliant special?

With Brilliant, you can investigate STEM in a novel and creative way. Instead of just teaching you how to memorize facts and equations, the courses emphasize teaching you how to grasp topics. You may strengthen your knowledge and lay a strong foundation by understanding how STEM truly functions. It might be tiresome and boring to watch lectures. According to studies, solving problems is far more successful than paying attention to lectures, says Brilliant. Brilliant thus aims to promote learning through practice rather than pumping out video lectures and vocally outlining every idea. Brilliant gives pupils the tools they need to apply their knowledge and solve issues.

What aims does Brilliant pursue?

With Brilliant, learning is accessible and entertaining for everyone from 10 to 110 years old, regardless of skill level. It’s never too late to begin studying STEM subjects. Ambitious students of all ages can locate the ideal course. Additionally, this online learning environment provides dynamic images, stimulating issues, and unique, hands-on learning opportunities.

The website is also designed with community education in mind. Brilliant gives users a platform where they may work on challenges developed by people all over the world, engage in discussions about math, physics, and other subjects, and ask questions and get advice.

To view fresh issues for debate and new challenges to address, sort through the community tab. You may also add your own problems here for your fellow students to solve. In order to help the community build upon existing subject wikis and further develop their expertise, Brilliant also supports wiki pages.

How are classes at Brilliant organized?

Exciting storytelling and guided problem-solving are both incorporated into excellent courses. These programs are ideal for those with an insatiable curiosity who don’t mind making errors in order to learn. You may customize your education to meet your interests and needs with well-liked programs and learning pathways. Select your area of specialization and register for the course. Alternately, select a study path to develop your skills and enrol in a number of courses on a broad subject. You can find every STEM subject you’re interested in learning more about, with routes ranging from Probability, Statistics, and Finance to Applied Computer Science and over 60 distinct courses.

Are the programs at Brilliant accredited?

The experts at Brilliant attended schools including MIT, Caltech, Duke, the University of Chicago, and others. They are committed to developing cutting-edge curricula that promote genuine comprehension and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Making math and science instruction approachable and entertaining motivates pupils to keep learning.

Their courses depart from conventional methods in order to foster more conceptual knowledge, independent thought, and the development of more practical skills. Each course includes a thorough description of the topics it will cover as well as the skills you will learn.

Do brilliant courses cost a lot?

Brilliant gives you the flexibility to meet your learning needs with a range of offers. Each lesson offers a free preview that you may use to see how the platform works for you. In the Today tab, you may also take part in brand-new Daily Challenges without charge. If you enjoy using Brilliant’s free features, you may upgrade to a premium subscription to access all courses and Daily Challenges. You can accelerate your learning and advance your STEM skills with a premium account.

Can I try Brilliant for free?

You will have two days following registration to begin your free trial. A 7-day free trial of Brilliant’s premium edition is available to all users. Your account should display a banner with a link to begin your free trial. The 7-day trial term of your premium subscription can be cancelled at any time, and you won’t be charged until that time. Brilliant will even send you a reminder about the forthcoming payment two days before your trial week finishes.

What possibilities are there for premium pricing?

Just €14.99/month when you subscribe for three months. Brilliant’s annual subscription, which costs just €9.99/month, is the most popular option. If you have a large number of pupils at home, you can pay €239.88 for a yearly subscription for 3+ students. Brilliant subscriptions require a single upfront payment.

Can your subscription be cancelled?

You have the right to revoke your subscription whenever you choose. The “cancel” option can be found on the page where you can manage your subscription. You cannot get a refund for any future months you have already paid for because you must pay for the subscription up front for either three months or a full year. Your subscription won’t renew automatically if you cancel it. The Brilliant support staff might make an exception, for instance, if the renewal fee was just applied to your account. You must get in touch with the support staff regarding your specific situation.

How does the smartphone app operate?

Use the Brilliant mobile app to improve your learning experience. You can download the free app and use it to access your courses when you’re not connected to the internet. You can access your courses at any time and complete puzzles and tasks wherever you are with the help of the mobile app. The software fosters studying on the fly and is not simply convenient and user-friendly. In between your hectic schedule, squeeze in an extra problem or lesson.

reputable and secure service.

Brilliant is a fantastic service built on the idea of efficient learning. They aim to stimulate the intellect in a practical and community-driven approach, grow it, and activate it. These programs invite failure and raise issues. Brilliant is an effective and secure online learning platform for students of all ages and backgrounds. It is a platform designed for innovative learning and challenging pupils that is interesting and well-structured.

You can trust that Brilliant is a reliable and practical platform because of its over 50,000 5-star ratings in the App Store and Play Store. Numerous esteemed news outlets have written about Brilliant, and users adore the website and mobile app. The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR, and other publications have all mentioned it. Brilliant is a well-known online resource that encourages innovation and practical STEM education.


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