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What Is Course Hero?

A cloud-based learning management system called Course Hero was created to make it easier for educators and students from different schools or universities to communicate and access study materials, including manuals, step-by-step instructions, and videos for various courses. Teachers can submit copyrighted materials that are marked with the appropriate lesson and use lecture slides, tests, or syllabi to build courses for students.

A content library is a feature that enables educators to browse and search for information by course type or subject. Users can also upload courses and store them in the study dashboard so they can look at the most recent ones.

Andrew Grauer, a Cornell University alumnus who established Course Hero, is a leader in the field of educational technology. It gives users access to class notes, homework assignments, textbook solutions, answers to previous exams, lesson plans, interactive flashcards, and test preparation materials.

Students can create study groups on the Course Hero website where they can exchange files and brainstorm. They can also look for things in the database, finish online courses, and get help from a tutor online.

Features of Course Hero

In this review, we concentrated on highlighting the product’s standout features and services.

A Million Documents can be Unlocked.

You can gain access to notes, essays, study materials, lab reports, and homework assistance with Course Hero and use them for the duration of your subscription to the service. The majority of documents give you a quick preview of the content so you can be certain you want to download it. You can use the Course Hero’s search bar to find the research and study materials you need, or you can browse by subject, book, or school.

You can get tutor questions to get academic help from Course Hero’s online tutors by sharing your own study materials. You can rate the tutors in Course Hero as well, and depending on how well they are rated, they may attract more students in the future.

Provides Practice Issues.

Without a doubt. Hero creates its own practice problems using the academic materials in its database. There are two sets of questions. If necessary, you can repeat a set once it is finished by clicking restart. You can continue to finish a new set of questions once you have finished a problem set with success.

Daily Tutors

Tutors are other Course Hero members who are compensated for assisting you. Top teachers might make as much as $500 per week, according to a Course Hero tutor evaluation.

It should come as no surprise that educators from all over the world are moving to e-learning platforms, which not only provide them with more freedom in the classroom but also a chance to earn more money.

You must first earn tutor questions if you want to receive individualized assistance from an online instructor. You must register for an account and upload your original course materials to accomplish this. The instructor will then assist you when you pose your query and choose your subject. You can rate your tutor after they’ve satisfactorily answered your question. You can get your teacher’s question back and try to get help from another tutor if the first one doesn’t work.

Textbook Responses

A new tool that Course Hero offers makes it easier to find answers and explanations for various activities, books, and problems.

The catalogue may be somewhat constrained because it is a new service, but they are constantly expanding it. The fact that you can use this Course Hero feature to find help and answers for almost any college subject is a big plus.


Course Hero is there to assist you if you need assistance with college. If you meet the conditions of the service, according to a typical Course Hero scholarship review, applying for these scholarships is simple. While some scholarships require an essay submission, the majority only ask for short answers. Course Hero currently offers five different scholarship programs: the Veteran Hero Scholarship, the Rise Up First-Generation Scholarship, the Community Hero Scholarship, the High School Super Senior Scholarship, and the Hero Student Scholarship. However, there are student credit cards you can use as an alternative if you are not eligible for a Course Hero scholarship.


A learning platform can only be effective if it is easy to use. Students may believe they are wasting valuable time merely learning how to access the service if it is overly complicated or needs a learning curve. They can be very put off by this.

Interface and Usability

When writing our evaluation of Course Hero, we also took the user interface and functionality into account. The platform has excellent functionality and is very pleasant and straightforward. Even first-time users of the platform won’t have any trouble using it.

Mobile Accessibility

Smartphone data shows that smartphones are steadily displacing personal PCs. For those who want to use their smartphones or tablets to access study material while on the go, Course Hero has also created iOS and Android mobile apps.

Aid and Support

You must fill out an online form with your contact information, the issue you need assistance with, and any other details you wish to provide in order to get in touch with Course Hero’s customer support team. The majority of Course Hero customer service reviews mention how friendly and accommodating the personnel are and how they provide thorough answers to your questions.

Also, they have a knowledge centre where you can read in-depth articles about how to get started, how to get payments and refunds, how to maintain academic integrity, and so on.

Unfortunately, Course Hero doesn’t include a phone number or live chat feature, which would have made communication much simpler but would have led to a bad customer experience. According to the data on customer service, poor customer service costs US firms $1.7 trillion annually. Quite pricey, don’t you think?

Price of Course Hero

As a platform for crowdsourcing education technology, Course Hero offers free membership alternatives that involve posting content, signing up as a tutor, or introducing a friend to the website. These actions all unlock resources. Verified Course Hero reviews state that this offers constrained access to the study content. But if you pay for premium services, you can get to all the content right away.

There are three subscription pricing tiers for Course Hero:

The annual membership fee is $9.95 per month, payable in one lump sum of $119.40.

Three-month membership: $19.95 per month, paid in one lump sum of $59.85.

The monthly membership fee is $39.95.

As you can see, choosing the course hero yearly membership will result in greater financial savings over the course of the year. The annual membership will cost you $120 less a year than the 3-month membership. In contrast, the monthly price for an annual membership is four times as expensive.

An annual subscription is an option for students who are always looking for fresh study materials but do not have access to actual libraries or resources. Many students, meanwhile, might not want to use the service for that long.

Student reviews of Course Hero say that the 3-month membership is the best value if you are just having a hard time in your current semester.

The monthly membership course hero price, on the other hand, is a little on the expensive side, so it could only be suitable for students who have a one-time study emergency.

Finally, you might want to think about using a no-interest credit card to cover your membership fees if the plans and pricing are out of your price range yet access to those materials is crucial for your studies.

Refund Procedure

The return policy at Course Hero is excellent. If you are utilizing Course Hero for the first time and discover that your GPA has decreased from the previous semester, Course Hero will give you a complete refund. Give the customer service team copies of your transcripts to receive the refund.

Pros of Course Hero

  • Broad catalogue
  • Good study materials
  • Regular updates to the content
  • Scholarships are available
  • Membership is free with the submission of study materials.

Cons of Course Hero

  • high premium membership fees
  • Low tutor salaries

Free Course Hero Premium Account 2022 [Cookies Hourly Updated 100% Working]

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Is the Website Course Hero Trustworthy?

Many people wonder, “Is Course Hero legit?” while they are considering using the program. The answer is yes, it is a trustworthy website. Because it is a crowdsourcing website and its users supply the study materials, Course Hero must be reliable or it will fail. Since 24 million people use this platform, it seems like a lot of people think it is both useful and trustworthy.

Does Course Hero Encourage Fraud?

Course Hero prohibits cheating among its users. It is based on the same principle as a study group, when students congregate, share notes, and discuss topics. The policies of Course Hero also forbid plagiarism, copyright infringement, and cheating, and they permanently prohibit anyone who does it.

What Constitutes Cheating in Course Hero’s Eyes?

Without describing Course Hero’s prohibition on cheating, this review would fall short of being thorough. The guidelines of Course Hero state that cheating includes using the service’s resources when the student is instructed not to use any outside help; submitting someone else’s work under your own name; uploading lecture recordings from the same term you are currently studying in; and breaking the honor code of schools or instructors.


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