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What is Coursera?

Coursera is one of the best-known online learning platforms. It has hundreds of courses from well-known universities and partners in many different fields.

With so many options, paying for each course separately might result in a significant overall expense for taking them all.

So, they made Coursera Plus, a membership service that costs $59 a month or $399 for a full year (a discount of $309) and gives you unlimited access to over 7,000 courses, which is about 90% of their entire portfolio.

What is Coursera Plus?

The well-known online education platform, Coursera, offers a membership option called Coursera Plus. With this subscription, you can take as many of the 7,000+ included courses as you like and obtain as many certificates as you like.

When compared to purchasing specializations or individual courses on an a la carte basis, a Coursera Plus subscription can save you a ton of money. For people who wish to study multiple courses over the course of several months or even years, it’s a fantastic option.

We prefer Coursera Plus for a number of reasons, including:

  • Unlimited access to over 7,000 courses from over 170 colleges and businesses.
  • Earn as many certificates as you like to add to your CV or LinkedIn profile.
  • Use the 1,000+ interactive projects and labs to hone your professional abilities.
  • You can study at your own pace because you can access the lessons whenever you want.
  • For complete flexibility, switch between classes whenever you want.
  • Choose from over 30 professional certificate programs.
  • Significant cost savings when compared to purchasing individual courses or specialized course series

It’s important to keep in mind that Coursera Plus only includes access to about 90% of all the courses they provide; it does not, however, grant access to every single course on the platform. There are, therefore, just a few items that your subscription will prevent you from accessing.

Popular Coursera Plus Courses

You can develop skills in a variety of fields, including data science, programming, business management, web design, social media marketing, data entry, teaching, bookkeeping, and more, with access to more than 7,000 courses on Coursera Plus.

You could enrol in some of the following popular courses, specializations, and professional certificates:

  • Google Data Analytics-In just six months, you can master the in-demand skills you need to land a job in data analytics by taking this series of eight courses.
  • Google Project Management-With these 6 courses, you may learn the information and abilities you need to be successful in an entry-level project management position.
  • Google IT Support-Even if you have no prior experience, you will be prepared for a successful career in IT with the help of these courses.
  • Google UX Design-This collection of courses will assist you in learning the fundamentals of UX design and creating your own portfolio so you may work in this expanding field.
  • Google IT Automation With Python – This beginner-level set of courses was created by Google to teach IT workers the in-demand skills they need to further their careers, including Python, Git, and IT automation.
  • Python For Everyone from the University of Michigan-With this specialization, you’ll learn the basics of Python and start creating your own programs.
  • University of Washington’s Machine Learning -Discover cutting-edge machine learning techniques and begin using them in practical settings.
  • University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada- In the 12 lessons of this long course about indigenous history in Canada, you can learn more about things like political disagreements, indigenous life, political activism, laws, rights, land claims, environmental issues, and the fur trade.
  • Excel Skills for Business from Macquarie University: Become an Excel master in this four-course specialization taught by three Macquarie Business School instructors.
  • Meta Social Media Marketing: In this Professional Certificate series of courses, you will learn how to create ad campaigns, expand your social media presence, write captivating articles, and more.

Finding the Best Course

We’ve put up a list of some crucial pointers that will assist you in determining which course is best for you.

  1. Make use of the filtering option.

Finding your domain may be aided by selecting a category. You can search for particular items using the filter option, such as skills, job titles, languages, levels, etc. As a result, you can narrow your search and quickly find comparable items.

  • Conduct research on the course.

The description of the course, the themes it will cover, and the different topics it will cover are all explained above.

This option gives you the freedom to choose based on your goals and the course material.

  • Look over the course syllabus.

By looking at the syllabus, you may estimate how long it could take to finish the course and the advantages it offers you. Quizzes, learning materials, and video lectures are all included in the course.

  • Examine clients’ reviews

Instead of merely reading the description, reading reviews is a terrific way to learn what the course actually offers. Past students provided the reviews, which might be very beneficial to you.

  • Inquire about the teacher

Along with the course description, you may look up the names and professional backgrounds of the instructors.

What is the price of Coursera Plus?

Coursera provides two distinct payment options:

Coursera Plus — $59 per month

Annual Coursera Plus fee of $399

You have access to all of Coursera Plus’s features with either of the two plans. The primary distinction is the $309 annual cost savings available when purchasing the annual plan in advance.

In our opinion, the discounts are absolutely worthwhile if you want to enrol in a number of courses in the near future and have the extra cash to pay for the annual option.

Can I Try Coursera Plus for Free?

Yes, you can use Coursera Plus for 7 days without paying for a subscription before deciding on a monthly plan, and if you choose the annual option, you’ll get a 14-day money-back guarantee. In any case, you have plenty of time to evaluate the service and decide whether you think it is worthwhile.

In order to have enough time to fully explore the platform and get a sense of everything it has to offer, we advise signing up for the free trial when you won’t be too busy.

How to Sign Up for Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus registration is incredibly quick and simple.

Visit the company’s website’s Coursera Plus page by clicking here.

Once there, you can either look through the many courses they offer or simply scroll down to see the various plans they have to offer.

What do we recommend? Start by registering for the trial offer. This will give you seven days to evaluate the service to see if it meets your needs.

You can either establish a Coursera account from scratch when you sign up for the free trial, or you can link to your Google or Facebook account and sync things that way.

Does Coursera Plus Offer Value?

Anyone who appreciates learning and wants to take several courses in a year should consider Coursera Plus.

By subscribing to Coursera Plus, learners can get access to a large library of courses that can help them improve their knowledge and skills to move up in their careers and in their personal lives.

Let’s begin by discussing specializations. These course series are invoiced on a monthly basis and typically last 4 to 8 months to finish. Depending on how long it takes the student to finish the courses, a single specialization could cost up to $400 or even more to complete without Coursera Plus.

Want to pursue a specialization or more courses? It would cost more.

Similarly, professional certificates are valid. These can be expensive when taken on their own, especially if you intend to take several.

However, you can save a lot of money by subscribing to Coursera Plus for $399 per year (or $59 per month if you don’t want to commit) instead of paying for courses, specializations, or professional certificates separately.

As you develop in-demand employment skills that enable you to earn more money over time, Coursera Plus can help you not only save money but also generate money.

When you finish a course, you can get a certificate that you can put on LinkedIn and your resume to make yourself more appealing to employers.

Overall, we think that Coursera Plus is a great deal for anyone who wants to learn, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Pros of Coursera’s

  • Speed

You may finish a course on Coursera quickly, which is one of the biggest benefits.

You can move much more swiftly and achieve a degree much more quickly than if you were to take classes the traditional way (and for much less money, too!), even though the student experience is not quite the same as it would be if you were attending classes on campus.

However, if it better matches your needs and timetable to do so, you can also take more time to get your degree. Furthermore, you won’t have to leave your area or give up your employment in order to get a degree or finish a course. The versatility of Coursera should not be disregarded.

  • A large range of courses

There are tens of thousands of courses available on Coursera. Although there are classes in almost every subject of interest, some areas naturally dominate the platform (like business and technology). Some courses are free to audit or register for.

  • Advanced Instruction

You will be taught by professors who are authorities in their industries, which is Coursera’s best feature, as I’ve already highlighted several times in this review. Not every MOOC fits this description. In fact, a lot of them feature classes taught by real beginners or by people who might not have any prior knowledge of the subject matter.

As a result, you might not understand the subject as well as you would like. This is not the case with Coursera. You need not worry about getting a subpar education because Coursera offers courses taught by experts.

  • Lessons and homework that are brief but sweet

Another one of Coursera’s notable features is the superb organization of its video assignments and lectures. Most courses are well-structured and interesting.

Most science video lectures are under 30 minutes, and the lecturers are experts in their fields, so you can quickly learn the lecture’s main points and get on with your day.

  • Interactive Setting

I’ve taken classes on several learning management systems in the past, and I don’t like how passive many of them are.

You can attend a class at your own pace and on your own terms, which is fantastic for scheduling but makes it too simple to go through the material automatically.

This is not the case with Coursera. The course information will be accessible to you quickly and readily, but you will be able to engage with it, other students, and teachers more actively. There are many opportunities to work with classmates on assignments, take tests, and chat with instructors about the content, even though the Coursera discussion boards should be improved—more on this later.

  • Certificates

One of the few online course platforms where you can obtain certificates relevant to your career is Coursera. Although many platforms have a certificate option, most of these credentials have no real value and don’t help you develop in your job.

A Coursera diploma, nevertheless, may be able to lead to new opportunities. If you are enrolled in a MasterTrack or degree program, in particular, it might transfer for college credit. These courses are becoming more and more popular as more universities are added to the platform.

Cons of Coursera

  1. Utilization Technique

The inability to select a course, pay the cost, and enrol right away is one of Coursera’s features that many students find to be the most annoying. After submitting an application, you must be admitted to the program.

There is a waiting component involved. Many students see this as a drawback, even though it still takes much less time than it would apply to and be accepted to a traditional university.

  • Unreliable online forums

There are forums in many MOOCs where instructors and students can talk about the course and relevant subjects. Although most Coursera courses have access to this capability, most assessments of these courses contend that they fall short of expectations. particularly in the case of larger, always-accessible classes.

You won’t engage much with your teachers while taking a course on Coursera, as is common with many other online platforms and courses. You might succeed with this if you are taking a longer course on Coursera that requires you to log in at specified times, but in most situations, your interactions with your lecturers will be rare.

You won’t always get a response. Although graded assignment features are upgradeable and pay-fordable, access to them might not always be possible (at least not in-depth). You might not always get the feedback you want about your assignments because the system is not exhaustive.

Certain markets have a wider range of possibilities only in certain markets.

  • few opportunities for evaluation.

You are erroneous if you believe that after submitting an assignment, you will receive pages and pages of instructor feedback. Coursera will prevent this from happening. Though not as frequently as in a traditional course, you will routinely create papers and get comments. Assignments may occasionally be self-graded.

  • An increase in Coursera Plus membership costs

If you want to pursue various specializations across a range of subjects, Coursera Plus is useful. However, a lot of people think the cost is quite expensive. Many individuals are put off by the $399 annual subscription fee, but on the bright side, it might motivate you to enrol in additional courses so you can get the most out of the program.

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FAQ for Coursera Plus

How is Coursera Plus organized?

A membership called Coursera Plus enables you to access a number of courses under one umbrella fee. You will get access to all the incredible courses offered by Coursera Plus regardless of whether you select the annual plan or the monthly plan. With an annual plan, you only need to pay a one-time charge each year to gain unrestricted access to the largest knowledge base! You can benefit from guided projects, specializations, and various credentials that will improve your skillset and boost the value of your resume.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of courses you can enrol in once you have done so after purchasing a Coursera Plus subscription. Additionally, for each course or specialization that you successfully finish, you receive a certified course certificate.

How can I get free access to Coursera Plus?

Yes, you can use Coursera Plus for 7 days without paying for a subscription before deciding on a monthly plan, and if you choose the annual option, you’ll get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is Coursera Plus eligible for financial aid?

There isn’t a financial help program listed on their website at the moment. However, you can submit an application for financial aid for specific courses or specializations.

Is Coursera Plus eligible for any special discounts or deals?

The annual plan, which can save you over $300 compared to paying monthly, is your best option for saving money. In addition, it’s possible that the business will conduct promotions on exceptional days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you can save a little bit more.

What is the refund policy for Coursera Plus?

When you sign up for a yearly subscription, Coursera Plus offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is another perk. Within 14 days of your purchase, you have the option to request a complete refund if you decide not to continue with the membership. Your payments will be reimbursed if you simply file a request with their assistance centre.

How do I end my Coursera Plus membership?

Through the manage subscriptions option, you can discontinue your Coursera Plus subscription whenever you choose. Although you can cancel a subscription and stop future withdrawals from your account, you can not get a refund for any already made payments.