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free Crunchyroll Premium account

If you’re a fan of anime, then you know that Crunchyroll is one of the best places to watch your favourite shows on the internet. But did you know that you can get a free Crunchyroll Premium account? If not, read on to learn more about this amazing offer!

What is Crunchyroll?

Anyone who likes manga and anime should start by visiting Crunchyroll. While other video services ignored this source of entertainment, Crunchyroll was able to take the lead in its industry. After operating for more than ten years, Crunchyroll has established itself as the market leader to beat.

The success of Crunchyroll, which was founded by enthusiasts, is due to the company’s unwavering devotion to its programming. Fans of anime and manga are lured to the website despite the fact that the company is now controlled by megacorporation AT & T through its WarnerMedia division, because its sincere affection for the media radiates through its more sleek presentation. In other words, the integrity of the Crunchyroll service has not been compromised by its expanding sophistication.

Although Crunchyroll originally allowed users to post their own versions of anime, it has now turned legal and now only permits content from its own team, making sure to secure the rights to broadcast each video.

 Prices and Platforms

There are three paid levels and a free tier on Crunchyroll. Ads are present in the free version, which also excludes simulcasts and full access to Crunchyroll’s anime and manga library. Instead, a “seasonal sampler” of the first three episodes of the new series is available to viewers for a brief period of time. Full access is provided by the premium Fan tier of Crunchyroll, which costs $7.99 per month. The Mega Fan tier, which costs $9.99 a month, provides discounts, entry to fan expos, and offline viewing. You can stream on even more devices at once with the $14.99/month Ultimate Fan tier, which also comes with fancier gifts like bags and action figures.

Notably, 1080p streaming is supported by all tiers. Additionally, all tiers grant you free access to Funimation and VRV shows in the future. Even so, Crunchyroll advises cancelling your subscriptions to those long-gone services. You will be given a free, 60-day Crunchyroll premium account upon signing up if you are a Funimation or VRV subscriber. It’s important to know that Crunchyroll is trying to get users’ watch lists from websites that no longer exist.

Similar fees are assessed by other anime streaming services. For instance, the premium version of Hidive costs $4.99 a month. VRV’s premium plan costs $9.99 per month, whereas an HBO Max membership, which contains a lot of DC material, costs $9.99 per month with advertising. The $6.99/month ad-supported tier of Hulu can be upgraded to $12.99/month to remove commercials. Netflix’s basic plan costs $9.99 per month, but we advise customers to upgrade to the $15.49 standard plan, which grants access to 1080p streaming and two simultaneous streams. The collection of vintage anime on RetroCrush is available for free if you don’t want to pay anything.

Similar monthly fees are also charged by popular video streaming services. For instance, Disney+ costs $7.99 a month, whereas Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99.

The clothing and manga store on Crunchyroll is a distinctive feature. You can shop for items here that are appropriate for a holistic web lifestyle, including books, figurines, clothing, and home videos (if you want physical media to complement your streaming). Even Japanese foods are for sale in Crunchyroll’s store, perhaps to live up to the service’s mouthwatering moniker.

Crunchyroll is accessible on a wide range of platforms and gadgets, including mobile phones (Android and iOS), media streaming devices (Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV), and several gaming consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Wii U, and Switch), and several gaming platforms. Both the original Wii and the Xbox 360 are no longer supported by Crunchyroll. On the Switch, Hulu provides both on-demand and live TV streaming.

Crunchyroll on the Web

The online interface for Crunchyroll has a distinctive orange, white, and grey colour pattern. The quantity of information on a single page, though, might be overwhelming. The user interface resembles an online discussion board more than a specific streaming service. You can browse the experience through the Shows, Manga, News, Games, and Store menus at the top.

A button for your queue, a random button (a fun feature that gives up the premiere episode of an undiscovered show), and your profile icon are all located in the upper right corner. You can order saved shows in the queue by data accessed or data added, but you cannot search the list or alphabetize the contents.

You can edit your basic information, list your anime-related interests, and change your profile picture in the profile section. You can also look at your payment history and change your notification and content settings, like hiding mature content or setting a default language.

The anime and drama series can all be sorted by Popular, Simulcasts, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Seasons, or Release Calendar on the shows page. You have the option of immediately adding a show to your queue when your cursor is over its thumbnail. When you click on the show, you are sent to its description page, where you can explore the available episodes, view user reviews, and learn more about simulcasts.

You should watch videos in the full-screen mode because the main playback interface is busy and can be distracting. In addition to commercials, the area around the content by default contains user comments, a carousel for the episodes of the show you’re viewing, suggestions for similar programs, and links to other Crunchyroll resources like news and browser-based versions of anime mobile games. Of course, the calibre of those games varies.

The video player has a next episode button and a gear icon for choosing the playback resolution and subtitle language in addition to the usual playback and volume controls (10 in total). Unfortunately, there are no fast-forward or rewind buttons on the video player. When Crunchyroll tested the online manga reader, compatibility problems arose since the transition from the antiquated Flash video player to a more contemporary one took an oddly long time. Thankfully, the video player itself functions flawlessly.

Crunchyroll on Android

The app has a uniform appearance across platforms thanks to its use of the same orange and white colour scheme as the website. An overflow menu for accessing account settings is located on one side of the app’s top, and a search bar is located on the other.

The account setting portion is rather straightforward. The language of the app and the quality of the manga display are the only meaningful customization options. The side menu has a lot of links to other Crunchyroll apps like the Manga App, News App, and Store.

Four options are available in the app’s top navigation menu: Home, New, Anime, and Manga Shop. The My Queue (basically a list of shows you save for watching) and My History lists are separated in Crunchyroll’s Home section.

The shows are divided into two groups in the New Section: This Season and Updated Episodes. Although the titles are shown in alphabetical order, we would like to see options to sort by, say, category or popularity.

All of these filter options are available in the separate Anime section but not on the New tab. You can sort by title, genre, release season, or popularity. Additionally, you can sort the manga section by newest and featured.

Functionality and Accessibility

Although the mix of subs and dubs on Crunchyroll has improved, the emphasis is still on subs. We would therefore like to have a few additional choices outside of merely changing the language.

To make reading as comfortable as possible, other streaming services let you choose anything from font colour to window opacity. Unfortunately, the appearance of the subtitles cannot be changed.

Fortunately, Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan tier for mobile devices allows for offline downloads. This functionality is supported by the majority of other widely used video streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu (ad-free), and Paramount Plus.

The service also meets the requirement for simultaneous streaming. In the Ultimate Fan tier, up to six devices can stream at the same time, but only one device can access the content at the same time in Fan tier.

In our opinion, Crunchyroll should provide more advanced parental control features. Although the settings allow you to filter out mature video and manga content, there is no way to lock those choices. Given the vastness of the collection, perhaps having the option to whitelist TV shows that a parent thinks are suitable for their child would be useful.

Additionally, Crunchyroll needs to support many user profiles under a single account. Users of Crunchyroll could further fine-tune their profiles and keep their queues organized with the addition of more profiles.

Pros of Crunchyroll

  • A sizing anime collection, now with Funimation dubs
  • HD streaming is supported on all levels.
  • There are numerous simulcast programs.
  • A few distinct series
  • Clothing and manga stores
  • Downloading while offline

Cons of Crunchyroll

  • A few interface hiccups
  • Few subtitle options

Accessing Crunchyroll

On the Crunchyroll website, you can access Crunchyroll to watch anime and manga videos. The website’s media play is modest. It can, however, be made full-screen. Any typical web browser can be used to access the Crunchyroll website. Browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge are included in this.

The video player may be cast to a TV via Chromecast, as well as through an Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Roku set-top box.

Crunchyroll can be streamed to your TV from many video game consoles. This includes the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Vita portable has a Crunchyroll app. You can also get to Crunchyroll with a Wii U or Xbox One gaming system.

You can access apps for mobile devices using an iPhone or iPad if you have an iOS device. You can download an app from the Google Play store to access Crunchyroll on Android smartphones and Kindle Fire tablets. Also accessible on Windows Phone is the Crunchyroll app.

You don’t need to register to view anime on the Crunchyroll website. However, there are advantages to purchasing a membership, one of which is the capacity to watch videos without advertisements. While the media player for the free service only has 480 pixels, the player available to members offers HD definition. Anime titles are released far more quickly on the subscription site than they are on Crunchyroll’s open-access web pages, and the paid service has access to a significantly larger video archive.

Free Crunchyroll Premium Account 2022 [Cookies Hourly Updated 100% Working]

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