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What is Moz?

When we most recently reviewed Moz Pro, we saw that it had fully capitalized on its position as a pioneer in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). This bundle, which starts at $79 per month when billed annually, is the result of the company’s efforts to offer a complete SEO solution that covers crawling, keyword management, and web page optimization.

One of the tools that SEO professionals frequently use for keyword research and SEO analysis is Moz. This is because the data provided by these SEO tools for SEO optimization techniques is thorough and convenient. Moz is a powerful SEO tool created to improve a website’s visibility in search engines. The most important parts of this program are the link explorer, the keyword explorer, and the rank tracker.

Moz Pro’s Features

Numerous functions are available in Moz Pro. The Moz tools that stand out from the crowd are presented below.

Keyword Finder

Moz Pro does a great job of making SEO easier to understand for a wide range of people. This is something that Moz Keyword Explorer excels at in the sometimes confusing world of keyword research. It uses a significant amount of SEO data to generate analytics that is useful to marketers. For instance, it displays the popularity of a search term, the difficulty of ranking for the term, and a list of similar terms you should take into account.

The Keyword Explorer by Moz Pro is user-friendly and filled with interesting data visualizations. author’s source

A priority score is also listed for each keyword you enter. This makes it easier to measure the keyword’s significance for your company. The term has a high search volume, a high CTR (click-through rate), and little competition if the priority score is close to 100/100.

By entering more information about your company under what Moz refers to as “My Score,” you can change this. This determines whether the keyword has any connection to your goods and services.

It’s a hard job, and there’s no objective way to measure something so subjective, but it shows that Moz Pro really cares about what its users want from an SEO tool.

Also excellent is the Keyword Suggestions option. With the help of a source keyword, it will suggest new areas to focus on, which you can then include in your keyword list and monitor over time. Since they bought STAT Search Analytics in 2018, this tool is now based on a bigger set of data.

The feature that will entice the majority of customers to the Moz Pro package is Keyword Explorer. One of the top keyword research tools available right now is

The Link Explorer

There are over 40 trillion links in Moz’s Link Explorer, so you can be sure that this analysis of your site’s backlink profile will be comprehensive.

This tool is excellent for monitoring new links and brand mentions, which can help you comprehend how well your site is performing in search engine results. These findings are also directly used to link prospecting and content planning. In contrast to SEMrush and SpyFu, Moz Pro does not come with its own tools for handling link outreach.

Although the Moz link building suite is simple to use, it has a more difficult learning curve than Keyword Explorer for beginners. Some of the measurements that Moz made on its own, like Domain Authority and Page Authority, might not be known to new users.

Based on their reputation and authority, these indicators represent the “strength” of a domain and its pages in terms of SEO. In other words, a link from a site with greater authority will be more beneficial to your site’s SEO than a link from a site with less authority. They are nonetheless helpful when trying to choose backlink targets, even though they are not an exact depiction of how Google sees each domain.

The Link Explorer thoroughly examines your backlink profile and offers a wide range of interface customization choices. author’s source

The Link Explorer is excellent for mining rival domains for fresh links as well. It’s likely that they will link to your content if you see that a high-authority site links to the majority of your rivals. This tool provides helpful visualizations to assist you in identifying potential opportunities.

Web Crawling

Any good organic search marketing approach is built on technical SEO. Google won’t be able to return your pages in answer to user queries if it can’t crawl and index your content.

For routine crawls and spot inspections, Moz Pro’s own site crawler works well. It does not offer the level of forensic detail found in specialized technical SEO tools, but that is not what it is meant to achieve.

Numerous major technical problems, such as response code errors, missing title tags, and broken redirects, will be highlighted by Moz Pro Site Crawl. The effectiveness of SEO can be dramatically enhanced by correcting these problems, so Moz Pro clients will find this tool helpful.

Users who have never made technical SEO adjustments previously will benefit greatly from the links to manuals and suggestions that accompany many of the suggested improvements.

The technical SEO tools from Moz Pro assist customers to identify critical issues and implement suggested improvements. author’s source

Businesses with extensive and complicated domains may want to pair Moz Pro with a specialized technical SEO crawler, but for the majority of companies, Moz Pro will be adequate. It also has automatic alerts that let you know about any big changes to the state of your domain.

Easy to use Moz Pro

The main Moz Pro interface is uncluttered and easy to use. While still part of the Moz Pro suite, it can be fragmented in other areas, with tools like Open Site Explorer providing a separate user experience.

By overlaying information on Google search results while you browse, the superb MozBar Chrome extension integrates Moz Pro’s tools into your browser. Anyone who is new to the world of organic search should at least download the Moz SEO toolbar.

Overall, Moz Pro is among the most user-friendly tools available for beginners who want an overview of crucial SEO indicators. But when you look more closely, you can see that Moz Pro is not as well put together as tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Moz Pro’s cost

In addition to the additional option to negotiate an enterprise contract, Moz Pro offers four basic pricing tiers.

The standard plan, which costs $99 per month for one user, is the least expensive. In a technical SEO evaluation, you will be able to crawl 100,000 pages every week using this, which should be plenty for smaller organizations. There are even more restrictions placed on keywords and competitor research under the standard plan. Only 300 keyword rankings and 150 keyword searches are allowed per month.

The limits on keyword searches and lists are greatly increased by the Medium plan, which costs $149/month for one user. This subscription allows you to track 5,000 keywords per month, as opposed to simply 150 at the standard level.

The Standard plan seems to exist to push somewhat larger organizations toward the Medium subscription. Although the entry-level Moz Pro package has a $99/month price tag and is directly comparable to choices from SEMrush and Ahrefs, the limits make it less attractive to most organizations.

 The standard option among Moz Pro’s four subscription packages is $99 per month.

With the $249/month large membership, three users have access. For an additional $49/month, you can add a second user to any subscription level. The Large plan includes 750 keywords per list and increases the number of keyword lists from 30 at the medium level to 60 in total. This makes it a good choice for businesses with a wide range of products, especially those that sell in different countries.

Data access is included in the premium plan, which costs a whopping $599 a month for five users. This account gives you access to a technical SEO crawler that works much faster and has much higher data limits for keywords, crawling, and backlinks.

A complimentary 30-minute onboarding session is included with each subscription, which is a very welcome feature. Lower subscription costs typically exclude this offer.

You will need a separate subscription for Moz Local, which helps businesses track and improve their performance on local search engines.

Pros of Moz Pro

  • The Deep SEO toolkit
  • Excellent reporting and metrics
  • Improved crawling functionality

Cons of Moz Pro

  • Simple user interface
  • Some people may find the depth and variety of features overwhelming.

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