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free Skillshare Premium account

Do you want to have access to premium content and tools from Skillshare, but don’t have a subscription? Here’s your chance to get a free Skillshare Premium account! This allows you to explore all the features of the premium account, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Skillshare?

Students can take online video classes at their own pace through the online learning community Skillshare. The Skillshare platform offers a wide range of specialized skills, such as web development, graphic design, business analytics, UX design, and much more.

Since its founding in 2010, Skillshare has focused on teaching through the completion of projects while watching online videos.

Skillshare is more affordable than other e-learning platforms and is a great place to start for those looking to advance their professional skills or find new courses to pique their interests.

The following categories are used by Skillshare to categorize its courses:

  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Style and fashion
  • Film and video
  • Food and drinks
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Social networking sites
  • Technology
  • Writing and publishing

What Makes Skillshare Unique?

Although Skillshare is well known for its excellence and superior quality, what else sets it apart from other online learning platforms? Find out at this time.

I’ve highlighted all the top characteristics that elevate Skillshare to a higher level of the learning experience with unique advantages:

Shared Education

You can take shared lessons on Skillshare alongside other students enrolled in related courses, creating an immersive learning environment.

Skillshare is currently the only learning platform with these characteristics. Sharing knowledge will help you improve your observation, and you can help each other out if you run into problems. With the community forum in mind, you can utilize it effectively.

Become an instructor

It suffices if you are proficient in at least one area and have some teaching experience. You are qualified to work as a Skillshare instructor. Being an instructor is a straightforward process, and you may start getting paid right away.

There are no geographical or difficulty-based limitations on who can use the feature of becoming an instructor. In fact, Skillshare does the tedious labour so you can concentrate on instructing.

Community Center

With one of the most interesting and involved student community forums available, Skillshare enables committed learners to provide feedback, clarify projects, and receive valuable advice straight from the teacher. In fact, if you have any questions or doubts, you can ask them.

You can always leave a comment under the course module, and the instructor will get back to you later, even though it is not guaranteed that all instructors will interact with the students due to their workload and commitments.

Free Training

Yes. You read correctly. Not all of Skillshare’s courses are offered for free.

Even though Skillshare offers a large number of premium courses, there are some fundamental courses available without a subscription or enrollment charge. You’re good to proceed given that Skillshare creates thousands of courses in numerous subject areas.

Classroom Workshops

I had thought that it would be fantastic if learning platforms could include student sessions or tutoring because I am a visual learner. Thank goodness, Skillshare is already carrying out that.

Although add-on workshops are not available for every course on Skillshare, you can still find several that are instructor-hosted, life, and engaging.

Since the workshops will be external learning and will provide you with better exposure to the main subject, you can utilize them to your advantage. Additionally, you get to participate in the learning session with your classmates and speak with the instructor directly over the phone.

What is the Price of skillshare?

You’re not the only one who searched for “Skillshare cost” but couldn’t locate a pricing page. Although Skillshare is secretive about its pricing, here is a short summary of what you can anticipate paying for Skillshare to save you the hassle of online snooping.

Free membership—Yes, if you sign up for Skillshare’s monthly plan, you can try it out for a month at no cost (you can always cancel before you are charged).

Monthly—Skillshare costs $32 each month following your free trial.

Annual: If you want to save money, an annual membership is $168, or $14 per month on average.

At the time of writing, Skillshare was offering a 40 percent discount, making an annual subscription only a little bit more expensive. (Prices for readers outside the United States vary.)

If you want to give your book club or office coworkers access, Skillshare now provides team subscriptions.

Pros of Skillshare

  • There are many different classes. There are 27,000 courses on Skillshare. In comparison to hours in a year, they have more hours of material. The courses are interesting, varied, and really useful. Additionally, there are classes in so many different categories, so you won’t run out of reading material anytime soon.
  • Free lessons are available. There are 2,000 free classes on Skillshare that don’t require a premium membership. Although only a small portion of the 27,000 you can access with Premium, this gives you a good idea of what the platform has to offer. This makes it an excellent way to determine whether Skillshare is the perfect platform for you. Add it to the 7-day free premium trial that Skillshare offers.
  • Assignments are due in class. Takeaways are emphasized on Skillshare. Projects, which are essentially tangible pieces of work that you will do and then publish for your course, are one of the main ways they accomplish this. It assists you in retaining the knowledge you have acquired.
  • Live courses are available. Few online learning platforms provide this convenient function, which is a shame. There are enough live classes, though not enough, that they are worth mentioning. You can ask questions and receive responses during these live meetings in real time

Cons of Skillshare

  • The calibre of the courses can differ. There are drawbacks to offering 27,000 courses. A wide range in quality is implied by the abundance of courses. Some classes are truly great and of a high calibre, but not all of them are. The good thing is that each course has been reviewed so you can determine whether it’s right for you.
  • The classes are brief. This comes as a significant bonus for some folks. However, 30 minutes could feel a little too short for those who are genuinely interested in learning a talent. The classes, in my opinion, are essentially crash courses. You can mix these courses to produce something that resembles a regular class by using the workshop function. Although it’s not necessarily awful, I wish the courses were longer.
  • Certificates are not available. These courses emphasize skills. You are gaining difficult skills. It would have been fantastic if you could have left with certificates or other forms of acknowledgement.

Free Skillshare Premium Account 2022 [Cookies Hourly Updated 100% Working]

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These are some of the most common inquiries regarding Skillshare and their comprehensive responses.

Are the Courses on Skillshare Recognized?


Since Skillshare is not an online university, its courses are not certified. It is a platform for learning where you can enrol in classes, pick up skills, and then use those talents in real-world situations.

You can not earn academic credit there for a degree. Additionally, you don’t receive any certificates for finishing the course, but you do receive a cool URL to display the projects you finish in each class.

That was great! It’s a really concrete way to demonstrate your newly acquired skills. In addition, isn’t that the main point? How to acquire fresh, practical knowledge and then demonstrate your mastery of it?

Can I only Enroll in the Free Classes?

You may! Again, you can enrol in 2,000 free classes, which is less than one-tenth of all the courses you can access by upgrading to Skillshare Premium.

The following are some grave drawbacks of only taking the free courses:

You are unable to take part in the discussion groups.

You are not permitted to attend the workshops.

More than 90% of the classes on the platform are inaccessible.

What is the Best Method for Getting to Skillshare?

Most electronic devices,: can easily access Skillshare.

• Browser

A portable app

• Tablet

• A smart TV

You can begin a class during your lunch break at work, continue it on your iPhone while riding the train home, and finish it on your TV while preparing dinner. It is very convenient and seamless.

Can I Buy Skillshare on Behalf of Another Person?

kind of. An assortment of limited memberships can be purchased, but a single gift card is not available.

For more information, you’ll need to contact Skillshare, although in general, you can buy numerous, time-limited Skillshare Premium subscriptions (like family, friends, or students).

Although the page doesn’t make the prices clear, they can assist you if you want to give your class a Skillshare gift.

There exists a Recommendation System?

Yes! You can invite your friends and family to join Skillshare Premium if you are a member. They get 14 days free (instead of 7) when they sign up, and you get an entire month! That’s a terrific offer!

However, to take advantage of this referral program, you must be a premium member. Once you’re in, you may begin to enjoy the advantages


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