How to Activate Blocked ATM Card in 2022

how to activate blocked ATM card

Do you have a blocked ATM card? If so, this guide will show you how to unblock it. Blocked ATM cards are a common issue, and can be frustrating because you can’t use your card to withdraw money. In some cases, the card may have been blocked due to fraudulent activity. If you’ve been affected by this problem, this guide will help you solve the problem and get your money back.

What do you do when your ATM card gets blocked? This article will help you learn how to activate blocked ATM card.

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Reasons your ATM card may be blocked

Let’s talk about the other reasons why an ATM card can be blocked:

  1. Putting in the wrong PIN

The bank’s system will notice if you enter the wrong PIN for a card too many times during a transaction. As a safety measure to stop fraud, the bank will automatically turn off the card. Some banks will show you a warning that your card will be disabled if you enter the wrong PIN more than a certain number of times. This could be done temporarily or, in the worst case, permanently. And your bank may need to check your ID before letting you use the ATM card again. Make sure to double-check your password before you hit the “Enter” button.

2. Card theft or damage

If you tell the bank that your ATM card has been lost or stolen, it will be turned off right away. If you lose your card and then find it, you will need to activate it again. If your bank blocks your debit or credit card for good, you may have to ask for a new one. This is a security measure that makes your card information (number, name, expiration date, and CVV) useless for scams like “carding.”

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3. Detected fraud

If the bank finds out about fraud on your account, your debit card could be turned off until you tell them who you are. Chargebacks are one of the signs that your bank account is being watched. If you do something illegal or get money from a flagged account, your account will be flagged and turned off so that you can’t use it. Some con artists use something called a “bank drop” to get money that they shouldn’t have.

4. The chip is out of date

How to Activate Blocked ATM Card

As was already said, if you use an insecure chip on your debit card, the bank can turn it off. EMV chips are thought to be better and less likely to be hacked. The bank does this for you so that you can get a new card and be safe.

5. The card is no longer valid.

Check to see if your card has expired. If it has, you won’t be able to use it to pay for things. In a few days, your bank will tell you that the card is no longer working, so you’ll need to apply for a new debit card.

6. You shut it down yourself

You might have blocked your card either by accident or on purpose. You can turn on the card again in the same way you turned it off, so you don’t need to call your bank’s help desk.

How to activate blocked ATM card

We’ve looked at some of the ways your ATM could get stuck. Now, let’s talk about the different ways to use a blocked ATM card:

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  1. Make use of your mobile banking app.

Most banks let you do a lot of things without going to their offices if you have their app. This includes being able to turn your card on and off.

If you don’t have an app for your bank, you can find one on their website or in the app store. Make sure you download the real bank app so that you don’t end up on a fake website. Visit your bank’s website and click the “Download” button on that page. You will then be taken to the app store for your Android or iOS device.

How to use your bank’s app to unlock an ATM card that has been blocked:

  • Download the app for your phone.
  • Enter your account information (sign up if you do not already have one).
  • Find Card Services and click on it.
  • Find your card on the list (if you have multiple cards linked to the account).
  • To use your blocked ATM card, turn on the switch button.

You may be asked to confirm that you are the one trying to make changes. If this happens, enter the OTP that you get on your registered email address or phone number.

If this doesn’t work to unblock your ATM card, you might need to call your bank.

2. Customer service at the issuing bank:

You can get your blocked ATM card working again by calling the bank that gave it to you. Go to your bank’s website to find the service center’s phone number or email address, then write them a letter. Your complaint should be about how you want your ATM card to work again.

The service center may need your account number, date of birth, registered email address, last few digits of your card number, etc. to verify your ID.

You can also talk to them on the social media sites they use. The bank won’t ask for the information you use to log in to your bank account. If not, this could be a fraudulent case of bank log scamming.

3. Text message or USSD

If your bank supports the USSD platform, you might be able to use it to get your ATM card to work again after it has been blocked. To activate your card, all you have to do is call your bank’s USSD code and follow the on-screen instructions.

Some banks let you block and unblock your card with an SMS feature. Ask the person at the service center if you can activate your card via SMS. Of course, you’ll need the phone number you used to open the bank account to do this.

Tips to protect your ATM card

Your debit card is even safer because it has an EMV chip. But that’s not enough to keep fraud from happening with your card.

Do the following to keep your ATM card from being blocked by illegal activities:

  1. Don’t give out your card number.

The bank might not need your card’s important details, like the CVV and full number. The bank usually only asks for a few numbers from your card because they already know what they need to know. On the other hand, a scammer doesn’t have access to the information and tries to trick you into giving it to them.

In simple terms, phishing is when someone who wants to steal your information from your ATM card comes up with ways to do it. In this case, a con artist wants to steal your card information, like the number, name, CVV, and expiration date. They can put the same information on another card.

2. Watch what’s going on with your account.

If you see transactions on your bank statement that you didn’t make, your ATM card may have been stolen. You need to turn it off right away and change your account passwords. Before you go to your bank, you should also change the PIN on your ATM card.

3. Do not misplace your card.

If a crook gets hold of your ATM card, they can use it to take money out of your bank account even if they don’t know your PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unblock my ATM card by SMS?

Not all banks let you use an SMS to unlock your ATM card. Contact your bank to find out if they offer this service. If they do, text the given keyword to the number given to unblock your ATM card that has been turned off.

Can I unblock my bank card online?

You can unblock your bank card online. Just download the app for your bank and go to your account to change the settings for your card. You can also turn off the card for certain services that you don’t use.

How do you unlock a debit card?

Using Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app:

1. Open the menu.

2.Click on Manage Debit or Credit Cards.

3. Choose the card you want to work with.

4. Use the lock/unlock switch under the picture of the card.

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How do I get my blocked ATM card to work again?

Submit a Written Application: If the cardholder has blocked the card by accident or on purpose, he or she must submit a written application at the nearest bank branch. This must be sent along with proof of who the cardholder is so that the card can be unblocked.

How do I get my ATM card to work again?

You can find out if the card has been blocked by calling customer service or going to a branch of the bank. If your ATM card gets blocked, you can apply to get it unblocked online or offline by calling, sending a text message, or going to a bank branch.

What happens if someone blocks your debit card?

If they block your debit card, you might run out of money in your account, have a check bounce, or have a recurring payment you set up not go through.

How do I get my card to work again?

At an ATM, you can unlock your bank card.

You just need to go to an ATM and put in your bank card and PIN as instructed. Next, choose “PIN services” and then “PIN unblock,” and you’re done! Just like magic, your bank card is no longer blocked.

When will my debit card be unblocked?

All you have to do is send in proof of your identity with the application so the bank can take the next steps to get the ATM card unblocked. In this case, it will take between 48 hours and five working days to get the card unblocked.

Can I still get money if my card is blocked?

No, you can’t make payments if your card is blocked, but if your account is still active, you can still receive payments.

Can I get my bank card to work again online?

You can’t always unblock your card online so that your payments are safe. You can still go to an ATM and check your balance or take money out to get your card unblocked.

Why can’t I use my debit card?

If there is fraud on your account, debit cards can usually be blocked so the fraudster can’t do any more damage to your account. But there are times when your card might get blocked because a lot of fraudulent charges have been made at the store you went to.

Can I still get money if my card is locked?

Which deals have been locked? When you lock a card, it won’t let you make new charges or cash advances. But autopayments for things like subscriptions and monthly bills that are charged to the card will still go through. Most of the time, bank fees, returns, credits, interest, and rewards will be the same.

How do I get my debit card to work again?

If you forget about or lose your ATM card, the best thing to do is go to the bank branch closest to you. All you have to do is send the bank a written request and proof of your identity. The bank will then take the next steps to unblock the ATM card.

How do I get my bank card to work?

If you can’t remember your PIN,

Put your card in the slot and enter the right PIN. Choose “Other Services” and then “Unblock PIN.” Your card and PIN will be ready to use right away.

Can I use the Internet to activate my debit card?

You can also use online banking to lock and unlock your card. It works right away. You can use the app to lock and unlock your card even if you haven’t lost it.

Why can’t I use my debit card?

The company that gave you your debit card has locked it. This usually happens when you enter the wrong PIN more than once at an ATM. The charge is more than you would normally put on your card.

How do I get my ATM card to work again?

You can get your ATM card to work by:

1. Open the envelope that the bank sent you. 2. It has your debit card and a four-digit PIN.

Put the card into the ATM.

3. Type in the number on your debit card and the ATM PIN that the bank gave you.

4. Generate a new ATM PIN.

5. Enter your new ATM PIN by following the machine’s instructions.

Can I send money to a card that’s been blocked?

Once you block an ATM card, you can’t use it to get money out of an ATM because they have already turned it off. You can ask for a different card. But you can get your money out of your account or send it to someone else by using a check or internet banking.

How do I get my Visa card to work?

Talk to your bank.

Even though the card has a Visa logo on it, your bank is the one who gave it to you, and it is their job to make sure your card is safe by doing things like locking it. Call your bank to get the card unlocked. Most of the time, the number for customer service is on the back of the card.

How do I unfreeze my debit card?

Unfreeze an ATM or debit card

1. Go to Settings > Manage Accounts and click on the Debit Cards tab, or go to Shortcuts or Quick Tasks and click on Freeze/Unfreeze Card.

2. Next to the card you want to freeze, click Unfreeze Card.

3. Look at the screen and click the “Unfreeze Card” button.

Can you still send money if your card is blocked?

Once you block an ATM card, you can’t use it to get money out of an ATM because they have already turned it off. You can ask for a different card. But you can get your money out of your account or send it to someone else by using a check or internet banking.

How do I unblock my Visa card?

You can also unblock your card online if your bank lets you do so by logging in to your net banking account. You can click on “cards,” choose your credit card, and then choose to “unblock” it. But it can’t be unblocked if it was blocked because it was stolen or lost.


If your ATM card is blocked because of fraud, you may not be able to use it again until you talk to the bank in person and clear things up. Let us know in the comment section below if this article was helpful