How To Send 1000 Messages At Once in WhatsApp (3 Step by Step Guide) in 2022

How To Send 1000 Messages At Once in WhatsApp (3 Step by Step Guide) in 2022

With WhatsApp, you can send and receive things like photographs, videos, contacts, and other documents in addition to text messages.

Are you looking to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll show you how to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp in just 3 easy steps. So whether you’re a business owner looking to send mass messages to followers, or just want to boost your communication skills, read on and get started!

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How many WhatsApp messages can be sent at once?

Most people assume that WhatsApp’s terms and conditions state that you cannot send mass messages over the service, so most people assume it’s a joke. This is true, but you can simply send 1,000 messages using third-party software.

If we don’t use social media, we may not be able to keep up with current society. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media tools for finding and interacting with people. Since its launch in 2010, WhatsApp has evolved to be the most widely used messaging app in the world.

How to send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp?

Method 1: Using “Text Repeater”

The program is called “text repeater,” and it allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

So, let’s go over this article and see how to send 1000 messages in WhatsApp. Let’s get started and follow the steps below:

Step 1:  First, go to the Google Play Store and download and install the “text repeater” app.

How To Send 1000 Messages At Once in WhatsApp

Step 2: After you install this software, you’ll see a box with a lot of different options, like repeated text, random text, repeated letters, blank text, and so on. You should choose repeated text.

How To Send 1000 Messages At Once in WhatsApp

Step 3: After that, type your message in the text box and enter the number of times you wish to send it.

How To Send 1000 Messages At Once in WhatsApp

Step 4: Then, under the produce option, select a new line to have the text you’ve entered appear on a new line.

Step 5: Then, by clicking the share button, you can either copy the message or send it directly using the Share Button.

And that concludes the process of sending 1000 WhatsApp messages.

Other features such as Emoji Translator, Blank Text, Crazy Text, and others are available to make chat more interesting.

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Method 2: Using Android App Clicker for WhatsApp

To use this App you have to follow this step;

Step 1: First, get the ‘Clicker for Whatsapp‘ apk on your phone and install it.

Step 2: To send a message, enter your message and contact information.

Step 3: Type “1000” for the number of times you want to send the same message.

Step 4: To send the WhatsApp messages in bulk, tap the ‘SEND’ button.

You can now send blank messages to any number by simply entering the number, and you can send up to 10,000 messages at once. You can also choose a contact from your contact list.

Method 3: Using WhatsApp Broadcast Features

WhatsApp’s unique functionality allows you to send bulk messages to up to 256 recipients at the same time. Customers must have your phone number saved in their phones for this to work. This is to prevent you from spamming your consumers with your content.

The broadcast message will look to your contacts as if it were an individual message sent from your end, and they will have no idea who the other receivers are.

Let’s go over how to make a WhatsApp Broadcast message in simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your WhatsApp Business Account.

Step 2: Select Chat, then Menu, and finally New List.

Step 3: Write down or look up the names of the people to whom you want to send the message.

Step 4: Select the contact names by pressing on + button

Step 5: Then press OK.

Step 6: Finally, click Create.

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Limitations of the WhatsApp Broadcast capability for sending bulk messages

Despite the fact that this tool allows users to send mass WhatsApp messages, it has a few limitations, which are described below:

1. Only people who have your phone number saved will receive your messages.

In other words, if your contacts don’t have your phone number preserved, you won’t be able to send them broadcast messages. Customers rarely save business contact numbers, so this may be a major setback for businesses.

2. There is a limit to how many individuals you can contact.

In a single broadcast list, you can only send messages to a maximum of 256 people. You’ll need to establish a new WhatsApp broadcast list if you wish to message more than 256 people. If you want to send 1000 WhatsApp messages, one or two lists will not suffice.

3. Third-party integrations are not supported by the WhatsApp Business App.

Whatsapp Business is not compatible with any other application. If you wish to manually enter customer information into your CRM, you’ll have to do so. If you’re serving 1000s of consumers, that’s a huge task.


This method allows you to send 1000 messages to anyone instantly. We hope this post on how to send 1000 WhatsApp messages at once was helpful.