How to Trick An ATM to Dispense Double the Money

How to Trick An ATM to Dispense Double the Money

We all love to get more value from something we didn’t pay for. This is precisely what we are going to teach you in this article. It is commonly known that most ATMs across the globe contain only a limited amount of money. Banks protect themselves from theft by programming their ATMs only to allow you to withdraw a small amount of cash. However, there are a few ways to trick an ATM to dispense double the money. I will show you an easy way to cheat any ATM and trigger a dispensing twice the cash you requested. The idea is straightforward, and it works on every ATM, so be sure that you try it out next time you need extra money.

trick an ATM to dispense double the money

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What is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

An ATM is essentially a computer. If there’s enough cash for the transaction, the computer estimates how much money you wish to deposit. If there’s enough cash for the transaction, it lets you draw out or take out as many bills as that amount of actual real-world currency your bank has on deposit.

Is it possible to deceive the ATM?

In this day and age, technology has grown to the point where people have devised new and inventive ways to defraud others. Skimming is one of these con games. Skimming occurs when a person uses a device attached to an ATM to steal your credit or debit card information.

Your card information is read by this gadget, which then inserts it into the machine and stores it. Skimming is a well-known method that most individuals utilize to double their money at the ATM. You can fool Atm if you use the appropriate technique.

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Tricks to dispense ATM for doubling the money

This can be accomplished in several ways, including:

  • Lebanese loop
  • Purchasing a Key
  • Indian Method

Lebanese loop

Stealing your card and PIN is the most straightforward technique to make a bogus ATM distribute double the money you’ve withdrawn. While the consumer is away, the card is slipped through the Lebanese loop in the ATM card reader. The perpetrator can then withdraw money from the customer’s account once the card has been hooked. By placing the card against a covert camera, you can get around this security measure.

trick an ATM to dispense double the money

Scammers take advantage of an ATM’s weakness to steal as much money as possible. In one recent incident, they targeted ATMs of Santander Bank, which has many locations in New Jersey and New York. The bank suffered tens of thousands of dollars in losses. It’s uncertain whether or not you’ll continue to hack ATMs in the future. However, ATM robbers might exploit this vulnerability by altering their software in the meanwhile.

The specialists tapped into an ATM by connecting a fake base station.

The attacker might intercept and fake ATM requests and responses from the processing center using these weak credentials. As a result, ATMs should be equipped with network equipment and incorporate Message Authentication Codes in all transactions.

The hacker needs to obtain an insider working at the target bank to employ this strategy. After that, he’ll buy a key that will grant the attacker access to the ATM’s network cable. The key does not grant access to the cash trays of the ATM, but it does disclose the network cable. The hacker can connect the network cable to a remote server once he obtains it. The data from the ATM can then be downloaded and manipulated to his advantage. The information obtained is subsequently forwarded to the attacker’s server.

While most ATMs are safe, a few flaws can prevent them from distributing twice as much money. Obtaining a key from an insider is the most typical exploit. If you have access to the insider, the attacker can steal the money with the same key you used to gain access. This method can mislead ATMs and POS terminals that use various network protocols. While not as secure as taking cash, it is feasible to get away with this strategy.

Purchasing a Key

Purchasing a key from an insider working at the target bank is the most popular approach to hacking an ATM. The key does not unlock the cash trays, but it does reveal the network cable.

After obtaining the key, the attacker must insert a malware-infected USB drive into the ATM’s USB port. The money should appear in the account once the victim is finished. The attacker does not receive any money due to the key, but it does allow him to expose the network cable. It’s then utilized to take control of the ATM from afar and transfer information to the attacker’s server.

Windows embedded 2000 or XP is used in the majority of ATMs. The ATM will double the money and issue a bogus receipt by severing the USB port. If the attacker succeeds, he will be able to extract twice as much money as the victim. If a hacker gains access to a target bank, he can disrupt it and steal personal information from the ATM.

To make an ATM dispense twice as much money, you must first understand how ATMs work. A network connects the most common ATMs, allowing an attacker to control them. An attacker can employ a gadget to make an ATM give out twice as much money. After that, the ATM will send the malicious message and encrypt the data, allowing the offender to withdraw money.

Indian Method

This procedure necessitates the use of tools.

To use the Indian method, you’ll need the following tools.

  1. Blank ATM Card

It’s not easy to get a blank ATM card. Therefore, you’ll need a well-versed team of black-hat hackers to bring you the greatest blank ATM card possible. They’ll have to install a malware/trojan virus in the ATM that you can use to infect it after you input your card.

You can also hack into someone’s PIN and copy it to a blank ATM card. As a result, it can be utilized for a variety of purposes. This cloned version can be used to replicate any of the original’s features. It may be used to withdraw money from ATMs, businesses, and even point-of-sale terminals.

The $3000 daily withdrawal limit of the blank card used at an ATM stand is a significant limitation. When you utilize a POS, however, there are no restrictions.

2. Trojan Horse Code

There will be a sequence of codes you must program into the blank card to infect the machine and override the original instructions.

After you write the code on the card and tell it to get twice any amount entered, it will carry out your instructions without fail.

I’ll show you how to enter the trojan codes into the blank card and carry out the action.

3. Working ATM

The TRANAX MINI BANK 1500 ATM MACHINE would be the ideal ATM for this. Because we haven’t discovered the codes for other types of machines, running the command on them might not work, and you risk being caught.

How to Use an Indian Technique

Follow the steps and use the atm keypad hack codes I’ll provide here to complete your hack.

The first step will prompt you to “ENTER PASSWORD.” Enter the master, operator, or service default password if you see that.

“555555” is the master code,

 “222222” is the service code, and

“111111” is the operator code.

The Process of Hacking an ATM

2nd step

To get access to the operator function menu, hold the <Cancel>, <Clear> and the <Enter> keys at the same time for like 2 seconds, then release them immediately and press 1, then press 2, then 3. Achieving this at first can be quite difficult at first, but a continuous trial will give you success.

It’s worth noting that the operator function menu can only be viewed if the machine is in or out of service. You won’t be able to use the command keys to enter the operator menu if the device is initializing or attempting to connect to the host.

If you can’t get to the Operator menu, turn off the ATM and open the vault door. You can also switch the ATM back on after removing the paper from the printer. The ATM will be forced to the operator menu due to this action.

3rd step

You’ll be prompted to enter the password as soon as you’ve completed the critical combination successfully. Passwords can be divided into three categories.

The Operator Password gives you access to the fundamental menu structure.

Service Password: This unlocks the basic and diagnostic menus.

The master password gives you access to all menus, including the setup parameters.

It would be best if you used the passwords I highlighted at the start of these steps to get an atm to give you double the money.

4th step

On the left, you will find the complete operator function menu. The Password you used determines which functions you will see. If you used an operator password, the Host Setup Button might not be available for you.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How can I get an ATM to give me twice as much money?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are two options for accomplishing this.

You can first try to impersonate someone else and make a transaction using their card. Enter anything random like “2121” or “1111” if the atm asks for a PIN. If it still doesn’t work, you might need to contact your bank’s fraud department to see if they can assist you.

The second option is to go to an ATM with someone who has already unlocked the ability to withdraw double the amount of money from their account (usually a spouse or family member). Request the code that will enable this feature on their performance, and then try your transaction again.

Is There a Way to Get More Than 1000 From an ATM?

To begin, double-check that the ATM is still operational. You may accomplish this by looking for a green light on the machine’s screen, and if it doesn’t have any cash, call the bank or your financial institution for instructions on receiving extra money from an ATM.

If the ATM is still operational, you can try several things like getting a new card or making a deposit to increase your amount. If this doesn’t work, you may need to contact your bank or credit union’s customer service department and explain what happened.

How Do You Make Money at an ATM?

Although the ATM does not dispense money, the answer to this question is that there are several ways to make an ATM dispense cash.

One method is to change the default password to something more specific to your requirements. The second method involves inserting a card with a predetermined value, such as a debit or credit card, and pressing a button on the machine.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to accomplish these things, you should contact your bank or local police agency for assistance.

Why aren’t you able to cash checks at a bank?

This is a question that many people have posted in the past. Because of the way banks work, you won’t be able to cash checks from an ATM. Banks do not accept individual deposits; they can only move money from one account to another.

Some banks, however, do provide personal banking services; nonetheless, this is not the case for all institutions. Before deciding whether or not to create an account with your bank, you should find out if they provide these services.

What Is the Best Way to Get Money From an ATM?

Using your debit or credit card to withdraw money from an ATM is convenient.

1. If you’re using a debit card, enter the PIN you were given when you first opened your account.

2. If you’re paying with a credit card, place it into the machine’s slot and sign the receipt with your signature or fingerprint.

3. You will be informed of the amount of money that has been put in your account and the amount that is still available in cash at that time.

Is it true that Atm Keys are universal?

OCS ATM keys (the ones needed to access the machines themselves) appear universal. So far, only known examples of abuse have been reported; the victims identified themselves using various physical addresses but the exact access details in most non-negative feedbacks.

It’s probably their fault, or at the very least, someone is forcing them to do so by sending them notifications with no indication of which addresses they belong to.

Furthermore, the lifetime key generation strategy has been dramatically expanded. You may now save a few hundred keys on your phone/device using private/personal storage methods (provided you have any).

All EKF sites will now offer those keys; there are currently no alternatives, but if someone decides to construct an “alternative” web interface for ATM scopes, they will most likely point their browser at a QR reader.


You may trick an ATM to dispense double the money by following the easy methods outlined above. Use this procedure with caution and only for lawful purposes. Have a good time and spend wisely. So, with the correct equipment and the techniques outlined above, you can deceive an ATM into dispensing twice as much money as you entered to withdraw. If you have any problems, please write down what went wrong and come back here to leave feedback, and we will look into it.

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